Creative Writing Days 2024

January 2024: 

Using the short movie Marshmallows on Literacy Shed as a stimulus, pupils got to experience a real campfire in our forest school and toast some chocolate brioche rolls to enjoy before they wrote their own spooky stories with a twist!

October 2023: National Poetry Week- Refuge

The National Poetry Week theme this year was Refuge.  Pupils read a range of inspirational poetry and then wrote their own poems based on their favourite place.  

September 2023: What We’ll Build by Oliver Jeffers

Our first Creative Write Day of the year was based on Oliver Jeffer’s book What We’ll Build.  Pupils spent time deciding on what attributes make an ideal home, school and world and reflecting on what actions they could take in order to create their ideal school and world.  All pupils then chose how to write about their ideas to persuade others to help them achieve it.