Year 5



Six of our Year 5 children took part in an RE day, led by Claire Clinton with the theme of community. They confidently engaged in a P4C discussion with children from other local  schools. 

The Astronomy Roadshow were with Year 5 to give them a closer look at Space and beyond!


Anthony Glenn, the one man acting show, worked with Year 5 today to hook them into their upcoming T4W learning journey, Romeo and Juliet. 

In preparation for Aspirations week, Year 5 visited The Royal Courts of Justice and took part in a mock trial. They also had the opportunity to talk to a real judge and find out just what it takes to work in law. What an inspirational day!


History Off The Page were in to deepen Year 5’s understanding of Ancient Greece.

In Art, Year 5 have been practising creating sculptures using wire.


Year 5 enjoyed a fun packed, informative day out at the Science Museum to support their learning about forces.



Anglo Saxons & Vikings workshop (22.6.22)

​As part of Year 5’s history topic, they were introduced to Richard who talked about the Anglo Saxons and Vikings.  The students discovered that most Anglo-Saxons were farmers and lived off the land. They made equipment such as ploughs and tools to help them in their work. They would grind wheat to make flour so they could make bread. The Angles created their own tools from metal.  The children had a chance to hold various types of weapons, from the sword, axe, shield, spear to the chain-mail suit of armour (which was extremely heavy).  After many years, the Anglo Saxons were beaten in battle by the Vikings who migrated from Scandinavia.

Animal Workshop (13.6.22)

In Science, Year 5 have been learning about ‘Living things and their habitats’. Today, the children were excited to meet and touch various groups of mammal, amphibian, reptile and insect.  The children asked and answered lots of questions about the creature’s life cycles, habitats and where they can be found in the world. Fun day had by all!​

Dan the Skipping Man (21.6.22)

5A had great fun skipping and, for some, learning to skip! Dan demonstrated to the children many types of different skipping techniques and, importantly, tips from keeping your feet close together when jumping, knees slightly bent at all times, remember to maintain a tall, neutral spine, keep your head up, chest up, and head looking forward.  Happy skipping all round!

Year 5 enjoyed a workshop with the Institute of Imagination – making ‘Junk Bots’ out of recyclable materials. We learnt how to use a motor and came up with environmentally friendly characters for our robots.

As part of our  DT topic, Mr Maxim from Kokura Bread Workshop demonstrated how to make a basic yeast based bread.  All the students were involved in the process beginning with health and safety to the preparation, creation, baking and eating the bread! Mr Maxim held a presentation where he took questions and answers.  The day was enjoyed by all!

As part of our History topic, Y5 are learning about the Anglo Saxons and Vikings.  During the Spring holidays, children were given a project to create ‘a piece of history’ relating to the topic.


Science with Circus Ken

As part of this exciting session, the children balanced feathers which used the forces, push and pull.  

Y5 – Royal Courts of Justice 28.1.22 – this educational visit was to celebrate ‘Aspirations’ and ‘Citizenship Week’ to learn about the Rules of Law and jobs in law in the UK.   The children took on roles from judge to jury and participated in a courtroom trial.

Y5 – Van Gogh Experience 7.2.22 – the children of Y5 were lucky to visit the Van Gogh experience in London.  As part of our upcoming art topic, they explored an artist and the style of art.


Year 5 visited East London Mosque as part of our RE unit on Muhammad and the Qu’ran. We had a tour of the Mosque, saw how Muslims clean themselves before prayer and learnt about the Five Pillars of Islam. 

5A Science flip learning – Y5 Science topic this spring term is Earth and Space and some students have been creative over the Christmas period designing wonderful pieces of work.

5A – Astrodome 7.1.22 – In Science, Y5 are investigating Earth and Space.  On Friday 7th January, Peter from Astrodome invited us into the Astrodome where we learned about Space, famous astronauts, the galaxy and the many planets including the ones known to us.

5A – Romeo & Juliet 5.1.22 – In writing this term, Y5 are learning and writing about Romeo and Juliet.  As part of this topic, Anthony Glenn visited us and we re-enacted the story through role play.

Autumn Term 2

History off the Page
As part of Year 5’s history topic, the children took part in a workshop dressing as an Ancient Greek.  The year is 490BC and the Battle of Marathon rages on.  The Athenian citizens (students) await news of the outcome of the battle.  What will happen? Will Athens rise again? During the afternoon, the pupils took part in a banquet and dancing.
Ancient Greece Flip Learning
Anti-bullying workshop
The children took part in an anti-bullying workshop to tackle bullying in school.  They took on roles of bullies and victims and worked out how to resolve them.
5A Library visit 
5A visited Custom House Library choosing a book of their chose.  Children learned they can take out 25 books for a period of 3 weeks and return any books to any library in Newham.

Autumn Term 1

October – Black History Month

This month, year 5 have been learning about Martin Luther King Jr. as part of Black History Month. We were so inspired by his ‘I have a Dream’ speech that we decided to write poems. Here is an example of Klartini’s. 

Trip to the Science Museum

5O enjoyed exploring the various exhibitions at the Science Museum. We saw streamlined vehicles, learnt about space and discovered information about our DNA!

At the museum, 5A attended a forces workshop where they explored different forces by participating in experiments involving gravity, friction, air and water resistance.

Art – Wire Sculptures

Year 5 have spent the afternoon creating wire sculptures showing the life cycle of a butterfly; from caterpillar, to chrysalis and finally butterfly! We were inspired by the wire animal sculptures of internationally acclaimed artist, Elizabeth Berrien.