Year 6

2021 – 22

December 2021

Y6 pupils conducted the online survey with a selection of children from Reception to Y6.

October 2021- Visit to Fairplay House

The children in Year 6 had an amazing time when they attended Fairplay House. They took part in high-adrenaline activities designed to push them beyond their comfort zones.​  All of the children showed incredible resilience and bravery.​

September 2021 – Anthony Glenn Workshop

Year 6 children enjoyed taking part in a workshop with Anthony Glenn as a hook for their Literacy Topic.  The children were learning about the story of Oliver Twist, ready for their Talk for Writing Unit.  They took part in a performance of the story and enjoyed acting out key scenes in order to deepen their understanding of the characters.

September 2021 – Spirit Animal Artwork

Year 6 children learned about the Native American tradition of spirit animals.  They carried out research in order to identify their spirit animals and then drew their spirit animals using small steps to gradually build the picture.  The finished artwork was extremely impressive!​


September 2020 – Anthony Glenn Workshop

Year 6 took part in a workshop with Anthony Glenn as a hook for their Literacy topic. The children were learning about Oliver Twist, ready for their Talk For Writing Unit.


Georgia O’Keefe

Year 6 have been exploring artist Georgia O’Keefe, who was famous for her painting of landscapes and flowers. Year 6 experimented with colours and shades. They them re-created the images of flowers using  her style of art.

Macbeth Workshop – Anthony Glenn

Year 6 were visited by Anthony Glenn, who helped immerse them into the Scottish play, Macbeth.

World Book Day – Dress Up

For World Book Day, the children in Year 6 dressed up as their favourite book character.

World Book Day – Knife and Packer Workshop

The Year 6 children had the opportunity to meet Knife and Packer, a talented author and illustrator. They learnt how to illustrate characters to help them build their imaginations and build a story

Reading Gladiators – The Iliad

The Year 6 Reading Gladiators have been reading the book ‘The Iliad’ and were exploring the term ‘war-cries’ and came up with some that they thought were suitable for the battle.

They also explored the beautiful illustrations by Neil Packer and attempted to replicate his drawings of soldiers on a deep, vivid background.

Place of Worship – Buddhist Temple

Year 6 visited London Fo Guang Shan Temple to learn about Buddha and the origins of Buddhism

E-Safety Workshop

The Year 6 children learnt how to stay safe online through the use of drama and games.

The Little Prince

Year 6 went to watch Inua Ellams’ magical retelling of the story of The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry at Stratford Theatre. The children learnt about the importance of doing what we can to protect our natural world, and the true meaning of friendship.

House of Parliament

As part of Aspirations Week, the children in Year 6 visited the House of Parliament to learn about how UK Parliament works. They travelled through the Commons Chamber and the Lords Chamber and followed in the footsteps of the Queen at the State Opening.

RAF Museum

The Year 6 children visited the  RAF Museum in Hendon to learn about the Battle of Britain. From their exploration the children were able to generate questions to aid their line of enquiry when learning about the Battle of Britain.

World War 2 Flip Learning 

Here are some of the flip learning projects the children in Year 6 created for their World War 2 topic.

Christmas Lunch

Christmas spirit came to Scott Wilkie today. The children enjoyed a traditional Christmas lunch with all the trimmings.

Christmas Fayre

The children made chocolate crispy balls to sell at the annual Scott Wilkie Christmas Fayre.


The Year 6 children have been writing their own non-chronological reports on flanimals.

Ben Kinsella Workshop

The children took part in role plays, discussions and quizzes to learn about the dangers of knife crime and how to make positive choices to stay safe.

Dick Whittington Pantomime

‘He’s behind you!’ the children cried as they were transported to Romford, the home of Dick Whittington. The children joined him on his quest to find adventure, fame and fortune and save the city of London from the villainous Rodent King.

Anti-bullying Workshop

The children took part in an anti-bullying workshop where they used virtual reality headsets to watch different scenarios of bullying and gave advice on what they should do.

Vestry House Museum

The children of Year 6 visited the Vestry House Museum to learn about workhouses in early 1800. While there, they took part in chores such as ironing, sewing and oakum picking.  This will hopefully help them with some writing about life in a workhouse. 

New Scientist live at the Excel  

To help encourage a new generation of children enter the world of science, the children of Year 6 attended the New Scientist Live at the Excel exhibition centre. They took part in talks on the solar system, found out how different bath products are made, made their own rockets and found out about the first visit to the moon. They, also attended a talk by ex Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq, who was talking about her new book.

Exploring the Modern Docks

Year 6 visited the local docks to find out about how the docks have changed over the past 100 years.

Year 6 visit to Fair Play House

The children in Year 6 had the amazing opportunity to attend Fairplay House where they took part in high-adrenaline activities designed to push the children beyond their comfort zones.


Anthony Glenn Workshop 

As part of their Talk for Writing topic, Year 6 took part in a workshop with Anthony Glenn where he made the story of Oliver Twist come alive through drama.


Year 6 working with the governor

The school governor came with two members of his writing club to work with some Year 6 children.

 Visiting the chicks 

Year 6 got the chance to visit the chicks that had recently hatched.

Science week 

It was Science Week at Scott Wilkie and the children in Year 6  took part in many scientific challenges, workshops and got to dress up as scientists​.​

Creative Writing Morning 

The children in Year 6 were challenged to write their own stories based on any theme or genre they wanted.

Giant Tetrahedron Challenge

The children in Year 6 took part in The Giant Tetrahedron Challenge, a highly motivational activity that combined construction, practical Maths and problem solving skills. It also provided an exciting opportunity to develop team building and collaborative working skills through the construction of a substantial and inspiring 4m high Giant Tetrahedron using only wooden dowels and elastic bands.

Year 6 Reading Gladiators – Challenge Winners

Congratulations to the Year 6 Reading Gladiators who won Just Imagine’s ‘Tamburlaine’s Elephants’ mini-challenge. They used art to create a display about the main themes of the story. For their imaginative and hard work they won a range of different of fiction books.

Reading Gladiators

The Year 6 Reading Gladiators have been reading the story ‘Tamburlaine’s Elephants’. They have discussed the main themes of war, friendship and identity. They used these themes to create their own display of the two main characters.


Year 6 enjoyed a thoroughly amusing, fast-paced visit by Anthony Glenn, from Shaking Up Shakespeare. During the morning the children watched Anthony, with the help of a few pupils, act out the tragic tale of Macbeth. Afterwards, Year 6 took part in the a workshop and learnt a few “tricks of the trade” for acting.​

Knife Crime Workshop

Year 6 were visited by Lets Get Talking, a charity linked to communicating with young people to prevent involvement in crime, to talk about knife crime. They also had workshops on how to deal with bereavement and anger management.

Year 6 – Houses of Parliament

Buddhist Temple

Year 6 visited the Buddhist Temple in Central London to learn all about the origin of Buddhism.

Sea Cadets

Year 6 had an amazing time at  Royal Docks Adventure , where they took part in Sea Cadet activities such as: rope tying, speed boating, different types of communication and paddle games.  Hopefully, today’s taster day will open up opportunities for the children to join the Sea Cadets.

Scott Wilkie’s Entrepreneurs

Scott Wilkie pupil’s all made things to sell at the Scott Wilkie Winter Fair to raise money for the school fund! The fair was a great Success! Well done Scott Wilkie pupils.

Year 6 Oliver Twist Drama Workshop

Year 6 had a visit from Anthony Glenn where they took part in workshops to immerse them into the tale of Oliver Twist.

Year 6 RAF Museum

Year 6 visited the RAF Museum where they learnt all about evacuation and the different types of planes that were used to protect the country during World War 2.

Museum of London Docklands

Year 6 had a visit from the Museum of London Docklands, where they learnt all about the history of the London Docklands from the time of the Romans to today in 2018.

Trip to the Docks for History (The Changing Docks)


Reading Gladiators

The Year 6 Reading Gladiators have thoroughly enjoyed reading the Secret Horses of Briar Hill by Megan Shepherd and partaking in all of the activities. They planned a project to show the ‘bittersweet’ themes in the book by sketching a picture of one of the main characters and represented the father as being a hero. 






Poet Visit – John Delaney






Meeting the Author Holly Webb

Year 6 had the opportunity to meet the author Holly Webb at Custom House Library.  She read excerpts from her new book The Princess and the Suffragette.



Year 6 London Zoo 

Year 6 Residential to Fairplay House

Figures in Motion

As part of our Art topic we were studied figures in motion. We looked at how the human moves, sketched our own figures in motion and created our own models using only wire, masking tape and newspaper.

Maths Workshop

The children in Year 6 took part in a maths workshop where they tried to solve problem solving puzzles using non-conventional methods.


Art Week

It was Art Week at Scott Wilkie and the children studied the artist Keith Haring. Each class was set the challenge to replicate his work using a different theme. Year 6 had the theme: aspirations , which they used to create their art work.



Year 6 planned and created board games, computer games and quizzes for other children in the year group to play. The aim was to test their knowledge on the human body.


Pop Art

The children in Year 6 studied Pop Art artists Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein and re-created pieces of art using the theme of superheroes.