Year 3



Year 3 visited Custom House Library to kickstart their Summer Reading Challenge!


Year 3’s Talk For Writing text this term is Gorilla by Anthony Browne. They thoroughly enjoyed retelling the story using actions and the text map.


In Art, Year 3 created their own Egyptian Death Mask relief sculptures! 


History Off The Page visited and took Year 3 on a Journey through the Ancient Egyptian times. 


Back to school and back in time – Year 3 zoomed back into the Stone Age with a workshop exploring the life of a caveman and better understanding their lifestyles. They even created some cave art using charcoal and painting using their fingers in true cave man fashion.



ICT – Year 3 created audiobooks sharing their knowledge of Light and Shadows.

RE – Light – Making Christingles

Year 3 were joined by Richard from ‘Faith In Schools’ to help deliver a lesson teaching them all about the significance of Light in Christianity and how the Christingle represents that.



Art – Hokusai – Natural Disasters

Here’s a display showcasing some of the fantastic artwork Year 3 created.

Year 3 created drawings of an erupting volcano in the style of Hokusai for their Art Learning Journey. The class are also learning about Natural Disasters which provided a perfect cross curricular link. 

Literacy – Diamante Poems

Year 3 wrote some Diamante poems about St George and The Dragon as part of their Literacy. They then performed them using actions to bring their poems to life!

October – Science – Sorting Soil

During this lesson, Year 3 sorted different soils. 

September – Science – Sorting Rocks

Year 3 have been looking at different rocks as part of their science learning. During this lesson, they sorted the rocks into different groups.

September – Literacy – Hook

Year 3 created their own dragon eggs as a hook in to their Literacy unit.


I Can Be – Future Workshops 

This week, the ‘I Can Be’ girls went to the Future Workshops in Fashion Street at Aldgate East.  The girls met two app designers and had a go at designing their own mobile apps!

I Can Be – Meet the banker 

Some of our year 3 girls are taking part in the ‘I Can Be’ programme.  I Can Be brings 7-8 year old children into the wold of work, broadening their horizons and helping them to discover the breadth of opportunity around them.  This week, our year 3 girls went to the Monzo bank in Finsbury Square to meet a banker!


Some of us in Year 3 and Year 4 took part in the ‘Bikeability’ training.  We all past the level 1 training and received a certificate and a badge.


On Monday 13th January, Year 3 went to visit the SWEERS Synagogue in Newbury Park as part of the Place of Worship Newham Competition

Flip Learning 

Our Geography topic for this half-term is ‘Natural Disasters’.  As part of our holiday flip learning, some of us have made awesome volcanoes!  Adam has made a model of a Tsunami!

Stone Age discovery day at Waltham Abbey Lee Valley Park

In Year 3 we took part in a Stone Age discovery day at Waltham Abbey Lee Valley Park.  We looked at different artefacts, made fire and went foraging for plants that they would have picked during the Stone Age.  We also did some cave paintings.  The day was brilliant!

Talk for Writing Learning Wall

Year 3 have loved fully immersing themselves in the story of George and the Dragon and are ready to innovate the story and write their own overcoming the monster stories! Look at this fabulous Talk for Writing Learning Wall!

Curiosity Display

Year 3 have set up their curiosity displays based on their upcoming Just Imagine ‘Take One Book’ reading units!

Stone Age

In History we are learning all about the Stone Age.  We had a fantastic Stone Age workshop delivered by Laura from  the Museum of London.  We were lucky enough to handle artefacts from the Stone Age!  We then looked at how the people lived during the Stone Age.  The workshop was fantastic!

Rock Circus Day 

In year 3 we took part in a ‘Rock Circus Day’ as part of our science topic on ‘Rocks’.  We had lots of fun exploring different rocks and soils!


I can be – Imperial College

10 year 3 girls went to meet a chemical engineer called Janet Skitt at the Imperial college.

London Zoo 

A part of Year 3’s literacy unit on ‘Gorilla by Anthony Browne’, the children went to London Zoo to look at all the different animals.

I can be – Collider Trip 

On Friday 17th May some of the children from Year 3 had the opportunity to visit a marketing company in Bermondsey. With help from marketing professionals, they made their own adverts for a healthy snack and shared their designs with each other.

Ancient Egyptian Day

Bike ability

Year 3 Trip to Chalk Well Beach

I Can Be Project – Pixel Pin Trip 

I Can Be Project – Meeting Software Engineers

I Can Be Project – Meeting Firefighters


Bikeability – Road Safety

I Can Be Project (Meeting an architect)

A Day in Politics – Aspirations Week

Natural History Museum

Year 3 enjoyed learning about volcanoes in an interactive workshop at the Natural History Museum


Year 3 have been exploring magnetic materials in Science.

Year 3 Rock Circus 

On 1st November, Year 3 took part in an exciting Science Day exploring all aspects of Rocks. 

They explored and examined a variety of rocks, carried out experiments and even made their very own fossils using clay!

Stone Age Workshop



During half term holidays, Y3 learnt about China.  Children were asked to find out facts about China, create a fact file or make a flag.



Mary Anning

During half term holidays, Y3 learnt about Mary Anning as part of their Science topic.  Children were asked to find out facts about Mary Anning, her family and her discoveries.

3H/3B and Martin the Bugman

Year 3 enjoyed a visit from the ‘Bugman’ as part of Science week:

The bugs consisted of a Leaf Insect from the Phillippines, the huge green bug is a Jungle Nymph, Mexican Red Knee Tarantula, Chameleon and a North American Rat Snake.

Year 3 – Chalkwell Beach Trip April 2018

As part of our Literacy topic, here are some photos of Year 3 creating some wonderful beach art from rocks, sand, seaweed and water. 

Y3 Synagogue educational visit

As part of our RE topic Y3 visited the Synagogue in Newbury Park on Tuesday 23rd January. Rabbi David welcomed us to his Synagogue and taught us about Judaism. He showed us the Torrah which is hand written in Hebrew. He taught us how to say ‘Shalom’ which means ‘welcome’ and we sang a welcome song in Hebrew. He also spoke about the similarities of Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

History off the Page – Romans

Year 3 met Gaius and Praefectus Castorum (Prefect). Along with staff and parent helpers, we enjoyed the day learning about Roman life.  We made mosaics, medicines, pottery, necklaces and pictures and then finished off the day with a Roman banquet of bread, wine, cheese  and grapes.

Flip Learning – The Stone Age

In Year 3 we are learning about ‘The Stone Age’. The children made some amazing models and carried out some research on how people used to live during the Stone Age.

Year 3 – Black History

On 3rd October, Year 3 participated in the Jesse Owens and Mo Farah Black History Workshop with Jacque Livingstone from Bigfoot Arts Education. The children acted out important events in the lives of the Black History heroes.

Year 3 – National Portrait Gallery

Year 3 went to the National Portrait Gallery on Tuesday 10th October where they took part in a portrait workshop with a professional artist. The children drew realistic and abstract self portraits while taking inspiration from the artwork around them.

Year 3 – Poetry Competition

Scott Wilkie’s Fantastic Poets! In the summer of 2017, year 2 children entered a poetry competition all about animals. Some of the children won and you will never guess what their prize was! The children, now in year 3, have had their poems published in a poetry book ready for the whole world to read and enjoy. We are so incredibly proud to share their achievements and what fantastic writers we are developing here at Scott Wilkie.

Year 3 – Talk for Writing Gorilla by Anthony Brown

Rock Circus

Year 3 investigated all different types of rocks – igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic.

A pipette was used to drop water onto rocks to find out whether or not they were permeable or impermeable.

Children created their own fossils from clay. Children used microscopes to analyse rocks to enable them see the formation much clearer than with the naked eye.

Andrew showed us a model village and created a light flood/heavy flood whereby he poured the water slowly/quickly creating a flood. On both occasions, the water showed how powerful it was and the different effects it had on the movement of buildings, rocks and ground.

London Zoo trip

Stone Age

Over half term we researched and made models linked to our new topic of the Stone Age.