Year 3



Year 3 have been learning all about natural disasters. They visited the Natural museum and had a workshop focused on ‘Earthquakes and Volcanoes’.

Amazing homework about our current topic ‘Natural disasters’.


Year 3 have been learning about how Jewish people celebrate Shabbat at home and at the synagogue. The children tried some of the items used during the Jewish day of rest (challah and grape juice).


The children loved investigating friction using ramps with different surfaces and planning their own investigation.

The children learned about the forces pull and push. 

The children really enjoyed learning the story about the Tear Thief. They did this through oral reciting and acting, using their creativity to think of poses for the words in this text. Not only are they learning powerful vocabulary, but they are learning high quality sentence structures which will help them write at a higher standard.


The children really loved visiting the library…so many books, arts and crafts, the internet (you can do your homework there!), friendly staff and it is cosy and warm. Please take your child to this fantastic free facility or the one closest to you. The children were brilliant at explaining the benefits of reading and know it is such an enjoyable activity. 

The children had a fantastic learning experience in the Museum of London. They examined artifacts from the Stone Age, read facts about them and also learnt about archaeology related to the Stone Age through a highly informative workshop. Well done Year 3.


Science – Rocks and Soils

The children worked well as a team to investigate which soils absorbed the most water. 



Year 3 took part in a workshop all about magnets to support their Science learning.


Place Of Worship Trip – SWERS Synagogue

Year 3 visited SWERS synagogue in Newbury Park to further their learning about Judaism. 

Aspirations Week

In celebration of Aspirations and Citizenship Week, Year 3 children learnt about the history of the NHS and its importance in the life of British communities. The children were taught about the various careers within the NHS and were able to consider the possibilities of working within the NHS in the future. The week was then concluded with a visit from a local NHS employee who shared her journey into the NHS and current work responsibilities which include administering vaccines and working within the metal health department. It was a hands on week!

Year 3 took went to London Design Engineering UTC to take part in RE:CODE, an Institute of Imagination (iOi) programme in partnership with LEGO that provides opportunities for KS2 pupils to explore a real live environmental topic through robotics and coding with the mentorship and support of young mentors. 


RE – Faith In Schools – Light

Faith In Schools visited Year 3 to support their learning of Light. They learned about the importance of light in Christianity and learned about the Christingle, exploring the symbolism of the various elements.

DT – Making Pizzas

Year 3 made pizzas for their DT learning. They tasted and chose the ingredients for their pizzas  before cooking them in the oven and enjoying a slice or two of their own creations!


Outback2Basics visited Year 3 to learn about the Stone Age. It was a brilliant day of learning and experiences. 


Geology Lab Workshop – Science off the Page visited Year 3 to consolidate their learning about rocks.



Year 3 demonstrate their mathematical understanding using dienes.