Year 2



World Book Day

For world book day, we dressed up as our favourite characters from our favourite books and comics. We had a show and tell, played guess the character, designed our own bookmarks and shared book reviews. We also made a class collage of our favourite book characters. 


NSPCC Numbers day

For numbers day, children dressed up in numbers inspired outfits, played number games and discussed what their favourite things about maths were. 

Place of Worship Visit

Year 2 went to visit the Ramgarhia Gurdwara today as part of their Place of Worship visit. They learnt about the golden rules of Sikhism such as how Sikh people remember God constantly through meditation, the importance of earning money honestly and sharing their earnings with everyone. 


As part of Aspirations week, Year 2 were lucky to have members of the MET police office visit them. The officers spoke about the importance of honesty, following the law and classroom rules and what their day-to-day job looks like.  The children were extremely excited and had a range of questions such as ‘How did you become a police officer’, What is the best part about working for the police?’ ‘When do you work as a team?’, etc. 

As part of our T4W hook, the children dressed up as their favourite superheroes, acted out their most memorable scenes, bought in their superhero toys and read super hero books.


Year 2 have been learning about properties and materials as part of their new science topic. This week, we carried out a scientific investigation to test which materials are waterproof. We tested felt, foil and plastic. The children were able to apply their science learning to Literacy by thinking about which material is most suitable for their superhero, Traction-Man. 


Year 2 went to visit the library today and picked out some of their favourite books just in time for the holidays. They also found out about the winter reading challenge and are looking forward to participating in it. 

As part of Year 2’s Science learning, we went to visit Bow Ecology Park where we looked at several different habitats!



Aspirations Week

As part of aspirations week, year 2 looked at different trades. We learnt about Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters and Painter and decorators. 

We got a chance to to be plumbers ourselves, by creating our own piping system. Carpenters by learning to measure and cut wood. Painters and decorators by designing and decorating and Electricians by working out how to make a light circuit work.


Library Visit

Year 2 had the opportunity to visit Custom House Library. They took part in a story read along, were able to choose a new book to take home and even took part in a community survey about what they’d like to be when they grow up. What a fantastic resource in the local community!

As part of their computing learning – Word Processing, Year 2 are learning to type with increasing speed and efficiency.


Year 2 visited Paradise Wildlife Park as a ‘Hook in’ to their Science learning this term – Living Things and their Habitats. They enjoyed exploring different animals in their habitats and the similarities and differences.


History Off The Page – Great Fire of London

Year 2 learnt all about The Great Fire of London during History off the Page. They got to experience what London was like in 1666.

They were able to take part in activities such as candle making, bread making, making ink and writing with a quill, making medicines and perfume bags. They took part in role play and also found out about important people such as Samuel Pepys and Sir Christopher Wren.