Year 2



Aspirations Week

As part of aspirations week, year 2 looked at different trades. We learnt about Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters and Painter and decorators. 

We got a chance to to be plumbers ourselves, by creating our own piping system. Carpenters by learning to measure and cut wood. Painters and decorators by designing and decorating and Electricians by working out how to make a light circuit work.


Library Visit

Year 2 had the opportunity to visit Custom House Library. They took part in a story read along, were able to choose a new book to take home and even took part in a community survey about what they’d like to be when they grow up. What a fantastic resource in the local community!

As part of their computing learning – Word Processing, Year 2 are learning to type with increasing speed and efficiency.


Year 2 visited Paradise Wildlife Park as a ‘Hook in’ to their Science learning this term – Living Things and their Habitats. They enjoyed exploring different animals in their habitats and the similarities and differences.


History Off The Page – Great Fire of London

Year 2 learnt all about The Great Fire of London during History off the Page. They got to experience what London was like in 1666.

They were able to take part in activities such as candle making, bread making, making ink and writing with a quill, making medicines and perfume bags. They took part in role play and also found out about important people such as Samuel Pepys and Sir Christopher Wren.




History Off the Page – Florence Nightingale (Virtual Workshop)

It was History Off the Page day and Year 2 spent it learning about Florence Nightingale. They dressed up as either a nurse, doctor, wounded soldier or Florence Nightingale herself. We recreated the Scutari hospital outside in the playground and as there were not enough beds soldiers/patients had to be treated on the floor. They also made their own dip pens to fill in a hospital work application, herb bags, Victorian medals and lanterns.

This term in Literacy, Year 2 are reading the book ‘Traction Man’. As our hook we had a superhero day, dressed up as our favourite superheroes and had lots of fun!


Year 2 went on a local walk around Custom House to identify the different physical and human features they can see. They also spotted the different transport people use around the area.


Last term for Literacy, Year 2 were reading the book ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’. As our hook, we learned how to make jam sandwiches and had a little picnic outside whilst we listened to the story.


For Science this term, the children in year 2 are learning all about ‘Animals and Their Habitats’.  As part of their flip learning homework, the children made models of different habitats. They are amazing!


In Year 2, we had a fantastic workshop where we saw some amazing birds including a kookaburra and an owl. We learnt lots of great facts about the different birds.  Did you know that the myth about owls being wise is not true!  Owls are not intelligent birds at all and this is because their eyes take up most of their head space.  Owls have very small brains.


Year 2 – Sponsored Walk for Sports Relief 2020 – 12th March

All of year 2 took part in a sponsored walk to raise money for Sports Relief. They completed a 30 minute non-stop walk around the field during their lunchtime. Fantastic effort Year 2.  

Performing Arts Workshop

KS1 took part in a Drama4All workshop where they joined Phileas Fogg on a globe trotting adventure around the world.

Personal Safety Workshop

Year 2 have been learning all about personal safety. They had an internet safety workshop learning about how to stay safe online. They also had a fire safety workshop learning about how to stay safe from fires, how they can be prevented and what we should do in a fire emergency.

National Portrait Gallery

Year 2 had a fantastic day out at the National Portrait Gallery as a ‘Hook In’ to their Art topic Portraits. They were fascinated by the detail, the way they are kept and how much you can learn from a portrait. They can’t wait to produce portraits of their own.

Cable Cars Trip

Year 2 had a busy morning of travelling. As part of their Geography learning, they walked to the Cable Cars, went across the River Thames to the O2, then got on the Tube followed by the DLR and returned back to school. They were looking at the various ways to travel around locally and identify the many physical and human features there are around us.

Year 2 Aspirations Week Dress Up Day

Year 2 – Paradise Wildlife Park Visit – Exploring Animals and their Habitats

Year 2 had a fantastic day out Paradise Wildlife Park. The cold weather didn’t stop Year 2 from seeing so many remarkable animals in their natural habitats. Year 2 were full of ‘awe and wonder’ throughout the day and were full of questions and curiosity. The visit provided the perfect hook in to their Science learning this term – Living Things and their Habitats. 

Literacy – Nov 2019 – Creating a Characterisation Toolkit 

Year 2 are learning all about how to really describe a character in a story to build a clear picture in the mind of the reader. Here, Year 2 looked an extract describing Jack and explored the ‘tools’ which helped build a great description. They used images to help internalise the tools and annotated them on the extract. 


Literacy Hot Task – Oct 2019

​Year 2 wrote their own versions of the Tiger Who Came to Tea. Have a read of Tahira’s – The Giraffe who Came to the Turkish Restaurant!


Maths Journalling – Nov 2019

Akram’s Maths journal entry has perfectly captured his learning of simple subtraction. He’s demonstrated great depth of knowledge by showcasing the various methods which could be used to help find a solution to a simple subtraction problem.


Working Practically in Maths – Nov 2019

Year 2 have been very hands on in their Maths learning recently. They have been exploring different methods for Addition and Subtraction and have used base ten materials throughout. Doing the maths practically helps the children visualise the maths that is happening and deepen their understanding.

Habitats Flip Learning – Autumn 2019

Check out some of Year 2’s Homework on Habitats. The children were asked to create a project showcasing their home learning about Habitats in preparation for our Science topic this half term – Living Things and their Habitats.


RE Conference

Miss Hussain arranged for us to attend the Infant RE conference at Park Primary School hosted by Claire Clinton.  We looked at the theme ‘Belonging’ and carried out lots of fun activities with other year 2 children from other Newham schools.

History Off the Page,The Great Fire of London 

History Off the Page came in to Hook Year 2 into their History topic for the term, The Great Fire of London. It was an all action, immersive and enjoyable day where great learning happened. Through making items from the past to digging up historic artifacts, Year 2 learnt an incredible amount about The Great Fire and the devastation that it caused.

Year 2 Story Telling 

Year 2 are up, out and about this year! They had a fantastic morning at the Discovery Centre in Stratford where they took part in an interactive storytelling session. The story they enjoyed was the Tiger Who Came To Tea by Judith Kerr which is the focus text for their Literacy this half term. They had a great time and can not wait to get their teeth into writing all about it.


Science Materials

Year 2 explored different materials and their properties by grouping different objects in different ways. The children were able to lead their own learning and share their knowledge with each other, learning many new facts along the way and sharing lots of ‘lightbulb’ moments. ​

Animals and Habitats

Year 2 designed bug habitats as part of their Science and DT topics this term, exploring animals and their habitats.​They made their habitats and evaluated how well they worked. They then remade them based on their findings to see if they could be improved.

Visit to Howletts Wildlife Park  

Year 2 had a fantastic day out at Howletts Wildlife Park in Canterbury exploring animals and the habitats which they live in. They learnt all about why animal’s habitats are different and also how animal’s have adapted to be able to survive in the habitat in which they live.

National Portrait Gallery 

Year 2 visited the National Portrait Gallery where explored portraits and explored what they could tell us about a time in history. They focused particularly on the portraits of important figures during the Great Fire including King Charles and Samuel Pepys.

Great Fire of London

On 1st October, History Off the Page came into work with Year 2 to teach them all about the Great Fire of London. Year 2 had a chance to make various items from this time in history including candles, medicine bags and used quills to write. They also explored dig boxes to uncover various artefacts from the Great Fire.