Our Vision

Deliver a World Class Education to Create World Class Citizens

Vision – Strive for Excellence

We are: one MAT, one family,one community

  • Excellence based on a commitment to empowering all the children and young people in our care.
  • Excellence, whatever the challenges, in developing leaders of the future regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or background.
  • Excellence derived from the riches brought by diverse families and communities living in a vibrant, global city.
  • Excellence in achievement for all, resulting from children receiving an education matching world class outcomes.
  • Excellence in the design of a forward thinking, innovative, curriculum.
  • Excellence in a pedagogical approach to teaching firmly embedded in and informed by research.

Our Values

Scott Wilkie pupils always try their best and never give up.
I persevere when I am faced with challenges. I do my best to achieve excellence.

Scott Wilkie pupils care, share and are friendly.
I take care of myself, others, my school and the environment around me.

Scott Wilkie pupils respect each other and celebrate diversity.
I treat others the same way I want to be treated. I appreciate that each of us is different!


Resilience ♦ Care ♦ Respect