Sports and PE

Autumn Term 2021

Y4/5/6 Cross Country Competition

48 children across year 4/5/6 attended an inter school cross country event held at West Ham Park. There were eight schools in attendance and six races to compete in. We are proud of all our cross country runners for their individual and team efforts – see results below: 

Team Results
Year 4 boys  1st
Year 4 girls  2nd
Year 5 boys  1st
Year 5 girls  3rd
Year 6 boys  1st
Year 6 boys  2nd
Individual Winners 

Year 4 boys 

R.L – 1st Place
J.S 3rd Place

Year 5 boys  F.A – 1st Place
Year 6 boys  B.M – 2nd Place
Year 6 girls  M.S – 3rd place

KS2 Annual Cross Country

All pupils in year 3/4/5/6 competed in Scott Wilkie’s annual cross country event. Our cross country track ventures out into King George V Park, before heading back onto the school field for the finish line. All pupils demonstrated high levels of determination and resilience to complete the race the best they could. Pupils who finished each race in the top 3 received a medal for their efforts. Pupils who finished each race in the top 8 received a letter for the inter school cross country competition. Resilience medals were also handed out to pupils who shone in their levels of effort and determination to complete the race.

Individual Winners 
  Boys Girls
Year 3 P.H – 1st
N.M – 2nd
V.C – 3rd​
K.A​ – 1st ​
M.B – 2nd
T.U – 3rd
Year 4 R.L ​- 1st
A.A – 2nd
J.S – 3rd
D.V – 1st
E.P – 2nd
N.H – 3rd
Year 5 F.A – 1st
A.L – 2nd
M.D – 3rd​
M.S – 1st
Y.A – 2nd
K.P – 3rd
Year 6 R.H ​- 1st
B.M – 2nd
J.S – 3rd
T.A – 1st
H.H – 2nd
M.S – 3rd
Resilience Winners  J.R (year 6) M.O (year 3)
D.L (year 4)
A.H (year 4)

Summer Term 2021

KS2 Sports Day

Our KS2 sports festival gave opportunities to our pupils to find a new sport/physical activity that they enjoy. Pupils participated in Combat Archery, American Flag Football, Boxing, Fencing, Judo, Seated Volleyball, Afrobeats Dance, Last man standing. A fun day for everyone.

Y3/4 Athletics Competition / Y5/6 Athletics Competition

Our Athletics teams represented Scott Wilkie at the first, and only, face to face competition this year – post Covid restrictions. Each child competed in four events; long jump, vortex throw, 400m run, 50m sprint, with their points totalling up for a team score. Both of our teams (y3/4 and y5/6) demonstrated a consistently good level of performance throughout each event and both teams managed to work their way into a podium finish of 3rd place. MD in year 6 finished the day with two medals after being awarded first place for individual boy. Well done to all our young athletes.