Sports and PE

Autumn Term 2021

Y4/5/6 Cross Country Competition

48 children across year 4/5/6 attended an inter school cross country event held at West Ham Park. There were eight schools in attendance and six races to compete in. We are proud of all our cross country runners for their individual and team efforts – see results below: 

Team Results
Year 4 boys  1st
Year 4 girls  2nd
Year 5 boys  1st
Year 5 girls  3rd
Year 6 boys  1st
Year 6 boys  2nd
Individual Winners 

Year 4 boys 

R.L – 1st Place
J.S 3rd Place

Year 5 boys  F.A – 1st Place
Year 6 boys  B.M – 2nd Place
Year 6 girls  M.S – 3rd place

KS2 Annual Cross Country

All pupils in year 3/4/5/6 competed in Scott Wilkie’s annual cross country event. Our cross country track ventures out into King George V Park, before heading back onto the school field for the finish line. All pupils demonstrated high levels of determination and resilience to complete the race the best they could. Pupils who finished each race in the top 3 received a medal for their efforts. Pupils who finished each race in the top 8 received a letter for the inter school cross country competition. Resilience medals were also handed out to pupils who shone in their levels of effort and determination to complete the race.

Individual Winners 
  Boys Girls
Year 3 P.H – 1st
N.M – 2nd
V.C – 3rd​
K.A​ – 1st ​
M.B – 2nd
T.U – 3rd
Year 4 R.L ​- 1st
A.A – 2nd
J.S – 3rd
D.V – 1st
E.P – 2nd
N.H – 3rd
Year 5 F.A – 1st
A.L – 2nd
M.D – 3rd​
M.S – 1st
Y.A – 2nd
K.P – 3rd
Year 6 R.H ​- 1st
B.M – 2nd
J.S – 3rd
T.A – 1st
H.H – 2nd
M.S – 3rd
Resilience Winners  J.R (year 6) M.O (year 3)
D.L (year 4)
A.H (year 4)

Summer Term 2021

KS2 Sports Day

Our KS2 sports festival gave opportunities to our pupils to find a new sport/physical activity that they enjoy. Pupils participated in Combat Archery, American Flag Football, Boxing, Fencing, Judo, Seated Volleyball, Afrobeats Dance, Last man standing. A fun day for everyone.

Y3/4 Athletics Competition / Y5/6 Athletics Competition

Our Athletics teams represented Scott Wilkie at the first, and only, face to face competition this year – post Covid restrictions. Each child competed in four events; long jump, vortex throw, 400m run, 50m sprint, with their points totalling up for a team score. Both of our teams (y3/4 and y5/6) demonstrated a consistently good level of performance throughout each event and both teams managed to work their way into a podium finish of 3rd place. MD in year 6 finished the day with two medals after being awarded first place for individual boy. Well done to all our young athletes.

Autumn term 2019

Year 3/4 SEND Kurling Event

Four pupils from year 3 and 4 represented Scott Wilkie at the Newham Kurling event, held at the Newham Leisure Centre. We had a shaky start to the competition, losing out to Star Primary  3-1. The boys then managed to go unbeaten for the rest of the tournament, progressing through the group stages and semi finals, and into the finals against Cleves school. The final was tough! Cleves matched us stone for stone making it a very competitive final. With some vision, precision, power and luck, we triumphed over Cleves, classing us Newham champions with the privilege of representing Newham at the London Youth Games in the coming months. Well done boys!

KS2 Mini Olympics

16 pupils from years 3 and 4 represented Scott Wilkie at the Mini Olympics, hosted at Lister School. Pupils were tested in a range of multi-skilled activities; golf, hockey, basketball, speed bounce, target throw, balancing, hurdles and tennis. Scott Wilkie pupils demonstrated the school games values  whilst competing, ensuring it was a fun afternoon for all involved. Their overall performance placed them in 2nd place. 

KS1 Mini Olympics 

Scott Wilkie pupils competed in a range of activities testing the pupils balance, agility, speed and hand-eye coordination. Our pupils tried their best in all activities, ranking themselves 1st in two events, 2nd in one event and 4th in the last. Our score averaged us out into 2nd place overall for the competition out of 10 schools, missing out on 1st place by just one point!

Scott Wilkie win Newham Panathlon

Scott Wilkie pupils attended the Primary Panathlon event at the Newham Leisure Centre 0n 11/10/19.  Scott Wilkie pupils achieved maximum points in all activities and as a result, each child received a gold medal for the Scottish Power competition. Scott Wilkie also won overall gold for the entire event, topping all schools in attendance and gaining another trophy for the cabinet.

Netball Competition 

Scott Wilkie attended a netball competition at Plashet school. We took a Y6 and Y5 team. Y6 team came first place. Y5 team gained experience for future netball events and learnt a lot – they came 3rd place.

Newham Cross Country Championships – 2nd October 2019

On Wednesday 2nd October, 48 children from Scott Wilkie went to West Ham Park to represent the school in the Newham Cross Country Championships.  A great day out was had by all, the children represented the school brilliantly, showing great sportsmanship throughout the event. Well done to all the children who ran, we came away with some fantastic results:

Overall Winners Year 5 boys category
Overall Winners Year 5 girls category
Overall Winners Year 6 girls Category
Second Place Year 4 boys category
Second Place Year 4 girls category
Individual Runners 
Year 4 boys R – 3rd Place
Year 5 girls J – 1st Place , W – 2nd Place
Year 5 boys M – 1st place
Year 6 girls E – 2nd place

Spring term 2019

KS1 Mini Olympics

Scott Wilkie Key stage 1 pupils won the Newham Mini Olympics!

Autumn Term 2018 Sporting Achievements

Marathons – completed

KS1 Mini Olympics – 1st place

Y3-4 Mini Olympics – 1st place

Y5-6 Dodgeball – 1st place

Y5-6-Basketball – 1st place

Y5-6-Handball – 1st place

Y5-6-Handball – 3rd place

Spring Term 2018

Basketball – 1st place

The basketball team attended this competition with confidence after their recent success in the autumn basketball event.  With only 6 teams in attendance at UEL’s sports dock, the competition turned into a league event with Scott Wilkie having to play all schools.  The scores were as follows:

SW 18 – 0 Brittania Village

SW 3 – 0 Manor

SW 3 – 0 Keir Hardie

SW 6 – 0 Ravenscroft

SW 4 – 4 Vicarage

After a dominant performance and zero losses, the basketball team were announced competition winners once again.  Well done!


Mini Olympics – 2nd place

A selection of year 1 and 2 pupils enjoyed a multi-activity afternoon.  They participated in golf, hockey, balancing, target throw, speedbounce and relay races.  They were tested in four of these events and their scores were recorded and compared to 14 opposing schools.  Their overall performance placed them in 2nd place and they received silver medals for their efforts.


Tri-Golf – 2nd place

A group of year 5 children were selected to represent Scott Wilkie at a Tri-Golf event.  This team had very little or no experience in golf and did not get the opportunity to practice any of the activities beforehand.  Despite this, they returned to school with silver medals!  After analysing the results, they narrowly missed out on gold by only 2 points.  This goes to show how naturally talented and determined Scott Wilkie pupils are.  Well done to all who attended and good luck in the i!


Netball – 3rd place

Scott Wilkie’s netball team attended the second competition of the year at the Newham Mini Games, competing against schools across Newham.  The competition was tough but Scott Wilkie battled through to the semi-finals.  After being knocked out by St. Anthony’s, they played St. Joachim’s for 3rd/4th place and won the match 5 – 2 earning themselves bronze medals.



Sportshall Athletics – 2nd place

A team of 16 children – 8 boys and 8 girls – across year 3 and 4 were selected to represent Scott Wilkie at the annual indoor sportshall Athletics event. With Scott Wilkie’s successes in Athletics over the years, the pressure was on! They competed in four field and four track events. An overall good performance by the entire team positioned us in 2nd place. The team were delighted with their silver medals.



Handball – 1st place

The Scott Wilkie handball team made it a second successive win this year after showcasing some outstanding performances throughout the afternoon. The A team went unbeaten through the group stage, semi-finals and finals to collect the trophy and gold medals once again. However, it was like deja-vu for the B team, they were drawn against Scott Wilkie A team in the semi-finals again and lost out on a place in the finals. Well done to all involved!

Sportshall Athletics Finals – 3rd place

We returned to the Copper Box Arena for the Newham finals, up against some tough competition. The children showed determination and resilience to push themselves up the leader board once again. They put on some fine performances to take 1st place in 4 events, with a strong overall performance to award them with a 3rd place finish.

Sportshall Athletics – 1st place

The year 5 and 6 Athletics team headed off to the Copper Box Arena this term for the annual indoor athletics competition. The boys and girls competed in three jumping, two throwing, one agility and five track events throughout the afternoon. Scott Wilkie pupils managed to score top points in 7 events and were awarded numerous second and third places. This helped us dominate the score board and put us in an overall position of 1st place – winning the trophy for the fourth year in a row and booking ourselves a slot in the Newham finals once again.

Autumn 2017

Mini Olympics – 2nd place

A year 3 and 4 team represented the school at the mini Olympics held at Forest Gate school. They got off to an impressive start, accumulating the top scores for speed bounce and balancing. Their hurdles score finished in 5th place and the target throw in 8th. The teams overall score put them in second place.

Basketball – 1st place

The year 5 and 6 basketball team shone at the recent basketball event held at Newham Leisure Centre. They went unbeaten throughout the afternoon; 3-0 VS Brittania Village, 2-0 VS Kaizen, 3-0 VS Kaizen, 2-0 VS Winsor (semi-final), 2-0 VS Keir Hardie (final). Our children were handed invitations to NASSA basketball G+T group after their impressive performances.

To top off the day, Scott Wilkie were then awarded their 2016/2017 gold plaque for the Sainsbury’s school games.

Tag Rugby – 2nd place

Our year 5 and 6 tag rugby team had tough competition at the Cumberland SSP event. They managed to finish 1st in their group. They then battled against Drew in the semi finals, finishing with a 1-0 win after Kierra scored a solo point, using her speed and agility to run through the entire opposition. Scott Wilkie were drawn against Kaizen in the finals, which proved to be an equal match. After a 0-0 draw, Scott Wilkie went on to lose 1-0 after a golden try in extra time. The Scott Wilkie team were therefore awarded a well respected second place.

Handball competition

Scott Wilkie recently attended the Handball competition held at Newham Leisure Centre. Scott Wilkie A and B teams both qualified through their group stages. Our A and B teams were then drawn against each other in the semi-finals. After an extended battle through extra-time, neither team managed to score and both teams were forced in to a penalty shoot-out. Scott Wilkie A team went through to the finals and beat Keir Hardie Primary to bring the medals and trophy back to Scott Wilkie.

Netball – 1st place

Scott Wilkie netball team won all 5 of their matches at the Cumberland competition and were awarded 1st place.

Mini Olympics – 2nd place

Our year 1 and 2 pupils competed in the KS1 Mini Olympics. They finished in 2nd place after being tested on a wide range of skills – hand-eye coordination, balance and team work.

Spring 2017

Quadkids Athletics – 1st place

Scott Wilkie competed in the year 5&6 Quadkids Athletics sports event and managed to retain the title for 3 years in a row. Scott Wilkie A team finished in 1st place and the B team finished in 4th competing against 16 teams. Four of our children were awarded individual medals for their outstanding performances.

Individual girls: Comfort 1st place, Indiana 2nd place, Temi 3rd place – competing against 64 girls.
Individual boys: Kurt 2nd place – competing against 64 boys.

Sports Competitions


Yrs 4/5/6 Cross Country – Group: y6 boys 1st place, y6 girls 1st place, y5 boys 1st place, y5 girls 3rd place, y4 boys 2nd place, y4 girls 1st place – Won 4/6 team trophies – competing against 15 schools.

Individual: Temi (yr6) 1st place; Indiana (yr6) 3rd place; Comfort (yr5) 3rd place; Kayla (yr4) 3rd place.

KS1 Mini Olympics – 1st place (competing against 12 schools)


Yr 5/6 Sportshall Athletics – 1st place (SW have retained the title for the 3rd year running!)
Newham Finals at Copperbox arena on 26/01/2017.


KS1 Mini Olympics – 2nd place

Yr1-6 SEN Primary Panathlon – 2nd place

Summer Mini Games – Handball 3rd place (competing against 27 schools)

Summer Mini Games – Resistance Sliding 2nd place (competing against 9 schools)

Summer Mini Games Overall Result – 4th place (competing against 34 schools)

Yr 5/6 Quadkids – Team A: 1st place, Team B: 2nd place (competing against 13 teams) – now enter finals on 9th June competing against Langdon Partnership finalists.

Yr 5/6 Quadkids Finals – Team A: 3rd place, Team B: 6th place (overall in Newham)

Yr 5/6 Athletics (Primary School Games) – 1st place (competing against 20 teams)


Yrs 4/5/6 Cross Country – Group: y6 boys 1st place. Individual: Matthew (yr4) 3rd place

Yr 5/6 Dance Mat – 3rd place

Yr 3/4 Dance Mat – 2nd place

Yr 5/6 Handball – 1st place (competing against 16 teams)

KS1 Mini Olympics – 3rd place (year 1 represented the school, competing against all year 2’s)

Yr 5/6 Basketball – 1st place (competing against 14 teams)


Yr 5/6 Sportshall Athletics – 1st place (competing against 13 schools)

Yr 5/6 Sportshall Athletics Finals – 2nd place (2nd in Newham Borough)

Yr 1-6 SEN Primary Panathlon – 1st place (competing against 9 schools)

Yr 5/6 Dodgeball – 1st place (year 5 team against year 6’s)

Yr 5/6 Boccia (spring mini games) – 1st place (Boccia team will now represent Newham in the London Youth Games Qualifiers on the 12th March)

Yr 5/6 Handball – 1st place

Yr 3/4 Sportshall Athletics – 1st place (competing against 12 schools)

Yr 5/6 Bisi Badminton – 2nd place (year 5 team against year 6’s)

Summer – Yr 5/6 Quadkids Competition (1st Place)
Click on the link for the full results.

Autumn – Yr 5/6 Handball (1st place)

Autumn – Yr5/6 Basketball (1st place)

Spring – Yr 5/6 Sportshall Athletics (1st place)

Spring – Yr 5/6 Sportshall Athletics FINALS (2nd place)

Spring – SEN Boccia (1st place)

Spring – Yr 3/4 Sportshall Athletics (1st place)

School Games Kitemark – Scott Wilkie Achieves Gold!

We are very pleased to announce that Scott Wilkie has been identified for its “outstanding commitment, engagement and delivery of competitive school sport”. We have been awarded a Gold School Games Kitemark, in recognition of the sporting excellence and ongoing commitment that students and staff show towards competitive sport within our school and local community.

The School Games Kitemark, sponsored by Sainsburys, is a government led award scheme launched in 2012 to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community. Schools in England are able to asses themselves across bronze (satisfactory), silver (good) and gold (outstanding) levels of the kitemark and receive a nationally recognised award.

Few primary schools within the London Borough of Newham have achieved this gold award, due to the extremely stringent requirements and expectations. The areas we excelled in are listed below:

  • We have entered the most sports competitions, in comparison to all schools within the Cumberland School Sports Partnership, peaking at 30 out-of-school competitions in over 14 varying sports throughout the 2013/2014 academic year.
  • Over 60% of KS2 were recorded as participating in extracurricular sporting activity each week, exceeding the 50% criteria.
  • We boast an extensive afterschool sports club programme, offering 12 sports clubs each week to children from Reception – Year 6.
  • Over 33% of KS2 pupils have been engaged in leading, managing and officiating sporting activities in school, exceeding the 20% requirement.
  • We provide all pupils with 2 hours of PE and sport within curriculum time each week.
  • We provide opportunities for less active young people to participate in physical activity.
  • We boast fantastic sport provisions and equipment to ensure learning is at its’ best and the children’s sporting excellence continues.

This award is an honour to receive and is an outstanding achievement for the school. Although our school provides such amazing sporting opportunities for the children, the award could only be achieved by the enthusiasm, dedication and talent of the children across all areas of school sport and PE. Thank you to those who support their children in attending sports clubs and competitions. Please continue to support us as we continue to strive for sporting excellence.