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Cheerleading winners

Scott Wilkie cheerleaders receiving their medals and  trophy for placing silver at the Newham Cheerleading Competition.

Attendance Award

July 2019

These children were awarded with 100% attendance for the whole year with a special visit from the Attendasaurus!

Place of Worship Prize Giving 

July 2019

At Scott Wilkie we took part in the RE Newham Place of Worship Competition. We had three winners!  Asfin Hassan (3H)  won the SEN entry, Reception won the Early Years Class entry and Zahra Jallow (6T) won the individual class entry for Key stage 2!

Awards 2017-18

December 2018

Scott Wilkie’s cheerleading team won the Gold Standard Award at a recent Newham Cheerleading Competition! Well done Team!

April 2017

Yasir from 1E took part in a martial arts competition in Cardiff, South Wales and was awarded a medal for his efforts.
Jorja in 1E has received her red belt for Ryu Kyu Karate.