Year 4



Institute of Imagination – Lego We Do Coding Project

Year 4 had the opportunity to take part in a Newham Lego Coding virtual workshop. They had to build a vehicle and use code to make it move as well as interact with it’s surroundings using motion sensors.



History off the Page – Roman Day

HOP were at Scott Wilkie once more to enhance and further develop Year 4’s learning about the Romans.


The children had great fun, unpicking the text and freeze framing (acting out) their understanding of this fantastic poem.

Can you guess which photo matches which line from the poem, ‘Billy’s Coming Back’.

Here are the lines:

And now like a bomb, no one dares defuse
policemen are beating a swift retreat
teachers’ faces deepen with gloom

Year 4 were really shocked to see how liquid, when heated up, turns into a gas (evaporation), and how when the gas cools down, it turns back to a liquid. These complicated scientific concepts were shown through everyday items – a kettle and a cool window! Ask your child all about this exciting learning.

Tower Of London

Year 4 visited the Tower of London. They were able to explore the inside of the White Tower, look at the crown jewels and learn the history behind the tower.


Peter Bunzl was really impressed and over the moon. A child designed and created at home her own version of Malkin, the mechanical fox, from the class’ love of reading book.

The children had great fun exploring which products were liquid and which were not. They then worked out how the liquids behaved differently, focusing on how quickly they flowed, using scientific apparatus.


Year 4 had a wonderful time discovering new books that they can enjoy at home. Please visit the library with your child so you can all enjoy the amazing books on offer.

Year 4 took the coach to Terling which is a village in Essex, England. We were able to compare the human and physical features in London to Terling. We even got a chance to visit a local Primary School and talk to the children and adults.


Year 4 went on the Cable Cars to and From Royal Victoria and North Greenwich. Whilst on the Cable Cars, we were able to look at the human and physical features in London.


Year 4 travelled to the Science Museum. We explored the museum and looked at how electricity has improved over time. We also had the chance to go into the Wonderlab and watch a show all about energy and electricity.



Maths – Angles

The class had great fun creating right angle checkers to detect right angles in the classroom. Great hunting guys!


Talk For Writing – Learning the Text Map

The children loved acting out the text map and creating their own actions to learn our model text, Ignis.


DT Torches

The children really enjoyed looking at the features of different types of torches. Their torches would no doubt be best sellers in the shops!!! Well done Year 4!

Roman day

The children loved Roman Day. They had great fun making a Roman board game – Nine Men Morris, creating Roman pottery and Roman brooches, plus a great deal more!


Performing Arts – Jabberwocky Poem

The class were split into two groups and asked to listen carefully to a recording of the Jabberwocky poem. Their next task was to rehearse their own version of the poem.

Each group had to work together to build an animated style story acting out nonsense words to make sense.

Finally, the groups will act out their stories in SILENCE to the recording of the poem. 

Year 4 really enjoyed reenacting the historical event of Boudicca and her revolt. 

October 2020

The children learnt about perspective. 

Note kids – I found out yesterday perspective relates to distance but viewpoint links more to angles. So I learnt something new yesterday. Just shows, you can always keep learning and improving!

This amazing ‘trick’ photo, taken by Miss Clark, is due to perspective. Rocheal is not really holding a tiny Isabella in her hand!!!

How did they do it? Ask them!

The Romans

We created a ‘human’ timeline to show how long ago in history the Romans were from today. The children recognised these key points in history:

  • Covid (2020)
  • when they were born (2010 approximately)
  • Nelson Mandela was released from prison (1990)
  • World War 2 ended (1945)
  • The Great Fire of London (1666) and the plague ending (1665)

We used a scale of 30 years being 1 metres. From Covid to the plague ending was near to 400 years ago. On the timeline that was close to 4 metres. 

From the plague ending to when the Romans successfully invaded Briton (43A.D) was a whopping 1500 years ago. That was 150 metres on the timeline!!!
The children learnt and really appreciated how long ago the Romans invading Briton was.
4C were investigating which materials are conductors and which materials are insulators. They then sorted the materials into conductors and insulators. Their results showed that metal tongs and trays are conductors (they allow electricity to flow through them), but plastic rulers, counters and paper are insulators (do not allow electricity to flow through them).

There was some confusion though. The brass tacks were in fact conductors! ​

Year 4 practised learning the text map of the exciting book ‘The Lost Happy Endings’. They really love the book, acting out the text and adding actions and drama.

Year 4 were set the challenge of making the bulb light up. They found it difficult but kept trying and through teamwork rose to the challenge.

September 2020

Here is a highly honest and moving piece of writing, from a child expressing their hopes and fears about returning to school. This learning was inspired through​ the book ‘Here We Are’.


World Book Day 2020

We had lots of fun this world book day dressing up as our favourite characters from the books we love! We were lucky enough to participate in a workshop by children’s authors Knife and Packer and they taught us about character development through illustrations. Afterwards in class, we discussed the villains in our favourite books and used this to design our own villainous characters. We created wanted posters and newspaper articles about the characters we’d created!


Last half term as part of aspirations week, we enjoyed a trip to Kidzania – the city built for kids! We got to experience working in lots of different jobs including being a fireman, a vet and even being a radio DJ! It got us thinking about our futures and the careers we would like to have when we grow up.


Some of us in Year 3 and Year 4 took part in the ‘Bikeability’ training.  We all past the level 1 training and received a certificate and a badge.

Human geography fieldwork

Year 4 recently went to visit the village of Terling as part of our Geography unit, in order to compare living in a village to living in a city. We walked around the entire village and observed all the ways in which it was different to Custom House. We were able to interview the year 4 children at Terling School about their experiences living in a small village. When we came back to school we wrote the children we had met letters to tell them about everything we had learnt.

Tower of London

‘In November, year 4 visited the Tower of London. We had an amazing time attending the ‘Crime and Punishment’ and ‘Discovering the Tudors’ workshops. We learnt a lot about the Tower’s royal history and enjoyed stepping back in time for the day!’

Etymology of words 

Year 4 have been exploring the etymology of words linked to their model report on the House Brownie! House Brownies are very dependable creatures you know and now we know where the word dependable comes from too!

Boggart kidnaps Miss Hodkinson from Year 4! Read Maid’s letter to find out how we got her back!


Spiderwick Creatures 

This half term our year 4 rooms have been taken over by mythical faeries from the Spiderwick Chronicle book! Check out Sarrinah’s Blog to find out more!

Curiosity Display

Year 4 have set up their curiosity displays based on their upcoming Just Imagine ‘Take One Book’ reading units!

Flip Learning Projects

Here are some of excellent examples of flip learning projects children in 4O made over October half term. We are learning about teeth and the digestive system this term in science and these projects have set the children off to a flying start!

Models of Teeth 

In year 4 we have been learning about the different kinds of teeth and their functions. We looked at our teeth using small mirrors and then created Plasticine models of our mouths.

Science Museum 

Year 4 had a wonderful day out to the Science Museum. There were squeals of shock, horror and laughter as the children experienced the journey of food through the digestive system…to its end destination!!!​

Much fun was also in the Wonderlab too – friction slides, amazing scientific visuals, magic smoke-filled gigantic air bubbles… the title ‘Wonderlab’ is truly deserved!!!

Thank you for your support as well as the parent helpers who assisted the teaching staff on the trip.

An​ exciting start to the year.


Science Work

In Science we have been thinking about the impact humans have on the environment. Have a read of some of our ideas below.

Science Week

During science week, we dressed up as scientists, witnessed baby chicks hatching, had a visit from the bug man and took part in different science experiments. We had lots of fun!

Science Museum 

Year 4 went to the Science Museum this week to learn about our digestive system. We watched and joined in with a show called ‘It takes guts’. We learned lots about the way we eat and process our food.


Flip Learning 

For our Summer flip learning project, Year 4 kept busy creating animal sculptures for our Art focus on ‘sculpture’. Children got creative at home using what they had around the house to create an animal of their choice.

Year 4 Religious Education

Year 4 enjoyed their Easter experience trip to River Church in Canning Town on Tuesday. We enjoyed listening to stories, creating Easter gardens and creating our own versions of stained glass windows.

Year 4 Hindu Temple Visit

Kidzania – Aspirations Week

Able Writers Day

Dance Workshop

January 2019

Year 4 have kick started the new year with some mindfulness in class. We love to focus our minds and feel calm ready for our afternoon lessons!

Tower of London Trip

Science – Electricity

Science – Sound

Flip Learning

African Drumming Workshops – Black History Week


Year 4 have been learning about sound in Science. This week we had a science sound workshop which allowed us to explore how sounds are made and how we can hear them. We found it amazing that sound travels in waves and vibrations are what help us to hear. We were really lucky to have the opportunity to make harmonicas too!


Year 4 children made some musical instruments over the summer holidays as their flip learning task for ‘Sound’. Well done year 4!