Year 4



The children loved learning about Hindu values and religion at a local Hindu temple.


The children really enjoyed dressing up for ‘Express Yourself Day’ as part of ‘Children’s Mental Health Week.

Faith in Schools visited Year 4 and ran a fantastic session. The children performed trust exercises and learnt about how religion benefits the community.


Year 4 loved learning about the exciting lives of an air cabin crew member and a professional dancer.



Year 4 visited the Tower of London!



Year 4 went to Kidzania for aspirations week. They explored different job roles and had a think about what they would like to be when they grow up!


Nightlights: The children in year 4 created nightlights using their knowledge of circuits and switches. They all designed different nightlights, created and then evaluated them.

This term year 4 have been learning about the different states of matter. They were exploring different materials and sorting them into solids, liquids and gases based on their previous knowledge and similarities between materials. 


Year 4 were studying London and comparing this urban area with more rural areas. We went to Terling (a village in Essex) to ​study the similarities and differences compared to London. The children had fun and were amazed that Terling’s only General Practice was combined with a cafe.



Institute of Imagination – Lego We Do Coding Project

Year 4 had the opportunity to take part in a Newham Lego Coding virtual workshop. They had to build a vehicle and use code to make it move as well as interact with it’s surroundings using motion sensors.



History off the Page – Roman Day

HOP were at Scott Wilkie once more to enhance and further develop Year 4’s learning about the Romans.


The children had great fun, unpicking the text and freeze framing (acting out) their understanding of this fantastic poem.

Can you guess which photo matches which line from the poem, ‘Billy’s Coming Back’.

Here are the lines:

And now like a bomb, no one dares defuse
policemen are beating a swift retreat
teachers’ faces deepen with gloom

Year 4 were really shocked to see how liquid, when heated up, turns into a gas (evaporation), and how when the gas cools down, it turns back to a liquid. These complicated scientific concepts were shown through everyday items – a kettle and a cool window! Ask your child all about this exciting learning.

Tower Of London

Year 4 visited the Tower of London. They were able to explore the inside of the White Tower, look at the crown jewels and learn the history behind the tower.


Peter Bunzl was really impressed and over the moon. A child designed and created at home her own version of Malkin, the mechanical fox, from the class’ love of reading book.

The children had great fun exploring which products were liquid and which were not. They then worked out how the liquids behaved differently, focusing on how quickly they flowed, using scientific apparatus.


Year 4 had a wonderful time discovering new books that they can enjoy at home. Please visit the library with your child so you can all enjoy the amazing books on offer.

Year 4 took the coach to Terling which is a village in Essex, England. We were able to compare the human and physical features in London to Terling. We even got a chance to visit a local Primary School and talk to the children and adults.


Year 4 went on the Cable Cars to and From Royal Victoria and North Greenwich. Whilst on the Cable Cars, we were able to look at the human and physical features in London.


Year 4 travelled to the Science Museum. We explored the museum and looked at how electricity has improved over time. We also had the chance to go into the Wonderlab and watch a show all about energy and electricity.