Year 1



Maths – Doubling

Year 1 have been learning about doubling. The children had a go at working with their partner to show what happens when you double. We know that doubling is when we add the same number together.

Science – Plants

In Science we are learning about plants. We planted our own sunflower seeds and peas. We will be observing them for the next few weeks to see how they grow as well as recording our observations.


Barnaby Bear

Year 1 learnt about Barnaby Bear and how he likes to travel around the world. Everyone tried to work out where he went on his latest trip by putting together the clues to work out the location.

Countries in the United Kingdom

Year 1 have been learning about different countries in the United Kingdom. They tasted food from different countries including shortbread from Scotland, crisps from Ireland and scones with jam and clotted cream from England.


Seaside Trip

As part of our T4W Learning Journey for ‘Lost and Found’, we visited the seaside.

RE – Baptism
Year 1 have been learning about Baptism in Christianity. In this lesson, the student’s role played the ceremony.


Christmas Journey

Year 1 attended the Christmas Journey event (virtually). They visited Shepherds Hill, Mary’s Kitchen and the Wise Men’s Palace. Year 1 also made bread in Mary’s Kitchen and searched for the star with the wise men.

DT – Fruit Kebabs

Year 1 explored healthy food. First they tasted different fruits and then designed and made their own fruit kebabs.

Games From The Past

Year 1 enjoyed playing games from the past. They played tug-of-war, thumb war, hopscotch, pig in the middle, as well as noughts and crosses.  

Art – Kandinsky

Year 1 explored the famous Russian painter and art theorist Kandinsky. They mixed their own colours and painted in the style of Kandinsky.

Class Toy Museum

Children brought in their own toys from home. Some of these toys were from the past and some were what they play with now. The children created their own toy tag to put in the class Toy Museum.


MET Police Show and Tell

PC Suzie came to visit the Year 1 children and showed them her uniform and what methods of transport Police officers use.

History Off the Page

The children were virtually exploring toys from the past. They also had the chance to make their own toys from the past.



Year 1 explored the natural environment outside after reading the poem ‘Out and About’ by Shirley Hughes. They made streamers, scattered seeds for the birds and collected sticks to make a fire and toast marshmallows.


History off the Page – Toys – 10th March

Following on from their visit to the Childhood Museum, Year 1 had a fun filled day with HoP learning all about toys and how they’ve changed over time.

World Book Day 2020 – 5th March

Childhood Museum – 4th March

As a ‘Hook In’ to their new History unit, Year 1 visited the Childhood Museum in Bethnal Green where they explored toys and learnt how they changed over time.

Sea Life Aquarium 

As part of our talk for writing learning journey for the text ‘Lost and Found’. we visited Sea Life London Aquarium to explore penguins. We watched the penguins play and swim in the water. We also learnt what they eat and why they stand so still. 

Flip Learning

Some examples of art flip learning that pupils created over the Christmas holidays, in the style of Kandinsky.  ​

Kandinsky Art 

Year 1 experimented mixing primary colours together and painted in the style of Kandinsky. 

 Ramgarhia Sikh Gurdwara Temple Visit 

Year 1 visited Ramgarhia Sikh Gurdwara Temple in East Ham. At the Gurdwara the children learnt about the five K’s of Sikhism and what Sikhs do at the Gurdwara. 

The Christmas Journey

Year 1 visited the Ascension Church as part of their R.E Topic on ‘What can a church tell us about the Christmas story’. The children visited different rooms in the church where multi-sensory scenes were set for them to enjoy. 


As part of our Geography topic Tear 1 visited the park to create their own symbols on a map. 

Tate Modern Visit

Year 1 visited Tate Modern to explore different types of art. They also sketched their favourite piece of art and told stories about what they could see. 

Talk for Writing 

Black History Week

As part of Black History Week, Year 1 looked at Usain Bolt. Year 1 had their own relay race where the winning team won medals. Don’t we look cool in our Usain Bolt victory pose? 

The Nativity Story

In R.E, Year 1 role played the nativity story where the wise men came to visit Jesus.

Adopt a Bear

Year 1’s have all adopted a bear. Everyone named their bear and have promised to read to it every day for 15 minutes to become a furry good reader.

Flip Learning

Here are some excellent examples of flip learning that children made over October half term.

Science Learning Walk

Year 1 explored the school grounds as part of their science learning. We then watched a time lapse video to see how the weather could change through a whole year and raised questions to investigate overtime.

Just Imagine

The classroom was such a mess after lunch. Year 1 used clues to help them conclude that it was a wolf. Children have been reading the Just Imagine ‘Take One Book’ called ‘Good Little Wolf’ and summarised the main points in the story using a story board.  Year 1 have also been reading other books about wolves for ‘Love of Reading’ at the end of the day.

Royal ball

Year 1 attended a royal ball as part of their learning in Literacy. Everyone came to school dressed in their best clothes and glided along the red carpet and danced with their friends. They had a smashing time!


Childhood Museum

Year 1 Visited the Childhood Museum to explore toys from the past. We also attended a workshop about teddy bears and found out that Pooh bear is 90 years old!

Bow Ecology Park 

Year 1 Visited Bow Ecology Park in Canning Town to discover different types of plants and trees. Tim Crane, the Park Ranger showed us around and we explored different plants in the pond and meadow.  

Sea Life Adventure

Year 1 visited the Sea Life Adventure in London to meet the penguins as part of their talk for writing learning journey for the text ‘Lost and Found’.

Gurdwara Trip

Year 1 enjoyed their trip to the Gurdwara for Place of Worship Week. 

Science – Build a Body Hot Task


Science Experiments


Year 1’s Geography topic took them on a walk around the local area. The focus for their learning was map work and throughout the learning, the children explored different maps and how to use them. It concluded with a local walk that the children then created their own map for.

Writing – Cinderella

Year 1 Science Day

On Thursday 8th of November 2018 Year 1’s had Skeletons and Healthy Bodies workshop. The children made their own skeletons and carried out experiments to found out how much fat there is in Pringles. They also found out that coke has 39g of sugar and carried out an experiment to find out about fair testing.

Trip to London City Airport 

In February, our Year 1 classes went on a trip to London City Airport. Whilst at the airport we met armed police officers, airplane pilots and passenger service agents. All of these people were extremely nice and they told us all about their jobs. We also learnt how passengers’ bags are taking to the plane and we watched planes taking off.


‘History off the page’ workshop

During the spring term, our Year 1 classes took part in a ‘History off the page’ workshop. Through this we explored lots of different toys from different times and places. We also learnt about what materials toys can be made from and how people have found things from the past. At the end of the day we made toys of our own.

Year 1 – 2D Shapes

Year 1 have been learning their 2D shapes this week. They have been naming, sorting and exploring their properties. Well Done Year 1!