Harvesting Peas

It’s time to harvest the peas from the nursery garden. Some children tasted them straight from the pod…They also planted wheat to help the Little Red Hen.

Baking Bread

The nursery children have been baking bread. They measured the ingredients and kneaded it by hand…Others cut and buttered the bread for everyone to share. Great teamwork nursery!

The nursery children have been making fruit salad for the Very Hungry Caterpillar.  It was juicy and sweet…Mmmm!

This term the nursery are exploring our forest area. We have been looking for minibeasts, and building dens for animals and ourselves!


During Science Week the nursery have been using their senses to explore the world around them.

They have investigated different materials through cooking cakes and popcorn, using syringes and ice in the water, and observing how colours can be changed.

The nursery are learning about seeds. We practiced our chopping skills and found seeds in tomatoes, peppers and cucumber.

Pancake Day

The nursery made pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. They enjoyed whisking the batter and flipping the pancakes.
They even did the washing up!

Planting seeds

The nursery children are learning about how plants grow, and have planted some tomato seeds and peas. I wonder how long they will take to grow?


The nursery have been baking gingerbread men, and learning how to measure, stir, roll, cut and bake.


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Science week 

Father Christmas came to visit

Christmas cooking – Making rice crispy Christmas puddings

Outdoor imaginative play

Teddy called over his peer and said “Cooper, look these rackets are flowers, and they are growing in a plant pot, you like my idea?- it’s good isn’t it?”

The Rainbow Princess – TFW

Hook- finding the frog in the forest

Maths ordering gingerbread man numbers

Children in digging area