In Reception, we had an Eid Party to celebrate the Muslim festival of Eid ul Fitr. The day before the party we  made some delicious Eid biscuits. On the day of the party, we dressed up in our party clothes, shared delicious food and did lots of dancing! Some of us had our hands decorated with henna patterns. We all had so much fun!


As part of our Literacy Hook for ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’, we went to Mudchute Farm to see some real goats. We met many amazing animals and we fed them too!


In Reception we have been planting potatoes, onions and carrots in our growing area.

We took part in a national ‘Writing a Riddle Competition’.  Twelve of our children have been chosen to have their riddle published in a book! The children were awarded with a certificate and a book mark.

We made pancakes in Reception today to celebrate ‘Pancake Tuesday’ . We decorated them with strawberries, bananas, golden syrup, fresh cream and sprinkles and they were delicious!


Reception went to visit the local Ascension church as part of the Newham POW competition. The children had lots of fun learning about all the things that Christians do at a church. They went on a cross hunt and played with some of the instruments.


During ‘Aspirations Week’ we looked at the different job roles that people have. We dressed up and had lots of fun taking on the role of some of these people.

Today in reception we had a Royal Banquet as a hook for the story ‘Tiny King’. The children dressed up in their fancy clothes and wore their special crowns they had made. 


On Tuesday 7th December, we all went to Custom House library for a fantastic story time session. We sang songs and listened to a story about a crocodile.


In Reception we went for an ‘Autumn Walk’ and collected lots of leaves. In class we did some leaf printing and made some hedgehogs.

In Reception we have been learning about Diwali and why it is celebrated by Hindus and Sikhs. We made our own ‘Divas’ using clay. We painted them with bright colours and decorated them.


In Reception we learnt about what happens during the ‘Harvest Festival’.  We looked at where wheat comes from and how bread is made. We then made some bread rolls



As a hook for the Owl Babies, we had a fantastic bird of prey workshop. We met some magnificent birds including an owl and a kookaburra.


Christmas Jumper Day

Reception wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Reception have been reading the story of the Tiny King in their Talk For Writing lessons. The children have been fully immersed in the story and have really enjoyed the journey they have been on.

Reception were invited by the ‘Tiny King’ to attend a royal banquet. We dressed up in our fancy clothes and ate delicious food and drinks with our friends

Reception were inspired by the poem ‘What A Wonderful World’. We went outside and explored what we could see, hear and feel. We made pictures out of sticks and leaves, put out bird food for the squirrels and birds, made streamers and watched them move as the wind blew. We even looked for other small bugs and found some little minibeasts.​


Talk for Writing 


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Christmas Performance

Critical Thinking

The Banquet – Writing Hook

Owl Babies – Talk for Writing