School Council

The aim of our school council is to make Scott Wilkie an engaging, forward thinking and happy place to be where all children feel safe, valued and listened to.

Our School Council comprises of 10 children from across both Key Stage 1 and 2. Each class, democratically elects one member to represent them at the School Council meetings, which take place on a weekly basis. Representatives are then elected within the School Council to take on different roles such as: Chair Leader, Deputy Chair Leader, Accountants, Advertisers etc.

Each member acts as a link between their class and the school council sessions. It is the School Council member’s responsibility to ensure that they discuss any issues raised with their class and feed this back to the School Council. They are then responsible for communicating with their class and keeping them updated on any changes or developments.    

We work on many different projects around the school, including supporting different charities such as; Children in Need, Red Nose Day, Christmas Jumper Day and we also support a local foodbank at different points during the year.

Take a look to see what we have been up to recently.

KS2 School Council Conference 2022

The Year 4 and 5 Councilors were invited to attend a one day conference to explore and learn more about effective agents of change. 

Christmas Jumper Day 

The School Council raised £170 for Save the Children.