World Book Week 2024

Scott Wilkie Children had a fantastic World Book Week and were able to take part in a range of different activities.  To begin with, each pupil had the opportunity to share and recommend books with other children in their key stage.  They really enjoyed describing what they enjoyed about their favourite book and giving each other ideas about what to read next!  The next day, our KS2 pupils read to our EYFS and KS1 pupils and our school librarians relished the opportunity to read a story to our nursey children.  This was a lovely experience for all and our storytellers had their listeners hanging on to their every word!  Throughout the week, parents were invited in join in a reading lesson with their child where they were able to see how teachers read stories to children, subtly questioning as they go, before having some time to read a story with their child.

Finally, our World Book Day was absolutely jam packed with fun activities and experiences.  The day started with a book swap and cake sale organised by parent volunteers in which families were able to bring in old books and exchange them for new ones to read together at home whilst enjoying some homemade treats.  We had two brilliant authors visit the school- Karin Littlewood for EYFS & KS1 and Cath Howe for KS2- who ran informative assemblies and engaging workshops for every class as well as signing books for children.  Throughout the day, all pupils also took part in three different whole school activities!  In their class, they played the Masked Reader and had to guess which teacher was behind the mask and which book they were sharing.  We also wrote a whole school story based on three mystery objects which were passed around the classes as each took their turn adding to the tale.  You can enjoy their fabulous adventure story below!  Finally, during our whole school assembly we celebrated the fantastic homemade outfits children were wearing and presented the winners with a book and then the whole school performed the World Book Day Rap by McGrammar which they had been learning in music.

After such an action-packed week, our pupils were thrilled to be able to go home with their free World Book Day book already in their bag ready to read after a local bookshop generously donated a collection to the school.