Year 5


Year 5 Greenwich Planetarium

Year 5 enjoyed exploring the Planetarium for their current topic of Earth and Space.

Year 5 visited Regent’s Park Mosque to gain an insight into how Muslims worship.

Drama workshops

Year 5 enjoyed exploring this term’s Talk for Writing Text – Romeo and Juliet through Drama workshops with the amazing Anthony Glenn from Shaking Up Shakespeare

Who was to blame for the death of Romeo and Juliet?

Year 5 have been debating this question and used group work to diamond rank and justify their opinions!

Shrek’s Adventure

Year 5 went the Shrek’s Adventure. We completed an amazing tour which was filled with lots of interactive activities and a 4D bus ride.

At the end of the tour we were able to attend a workshop. The workshop allowed the children to understand the process involved in building up and writing a story.

All the children worked out the beginning, conflict, middle, climax, resolution and end of various stories. They were then able to understand that a characters personality along side the mood and setting can change their facial expression, body language and tone of voice.

RE – Christingles

As part of our RE lessons we have learnt about how Christians celebrate advent. We made our own Christingles which celebrate Jesus coming as the light of the world, to show people the way to God!

Kew Gardens

On Wednesday 21st November, year 5 spent the day at Kew Gardens. We explored a variety of different plants and sketched their different features. We visited The Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art to give us inspiration for our own drawings. Then we chose one plant in the Temperate House and drew our own botanical drawings using graphite, charcoal, and pencil

Ancient Greece Day

African Drumming Workshops – Black History Week


Science week

During Science week we had lots of fun learning all about Charles Darwin. We were really lucky to experience different workshops throughout the week.

Visit to Maldon

Year 5 visited Maldon to compare and contrast the two different local areas. We were surprised as Maldon is really different to where we live. Some of us said we would like to live there one day.

World Book Day

On Thursday 1st March, year 5 braved the snow and made it into school to celebrate world book day! The children wore some fantastic costumes, inspired by some of their favourite fictional characters. We also welcomed parents into a reading lesson based on Romeo and Juliet. The children performed their own ‘modern day take’ on Shakespeare’s classic play, using acting techniques they had learnt during their ‘Shaking up Shakespeare’ workshop the week before.

Rainforest Printing

Year 5 created polystyrene cut-outs from our sketches of leaves and animal. We then used two colours of ink to create Rainforest-themed, two-tone prints.




As part of our RE lessons we have learnt about how Christians celebrate advent. We made our own Christingles which celebrate Jesus coming as the light of the world, to show people the way to God!


Year 5 have sketched a map of the World in Geography this week.

Parts of the world have been labelled, this includes: Longitude, latitude, Northern and Southern Hemispheres and the Tropics.

Y5 Anti-Bullying Week

Year 5 took part in an anti-bullying workshop as part of Anti-Bullying Week. In the workshop we learnt about the importance of respecting one another, regardless of our differences. Also, in Anti-Bullying week, we discussed whether bullies were truly popular and acted out freeze-frames of bullying scenarios.


Kew Gardens

On Tuesday 7th November, Year 5 went to Kew Gardens to learn all about the Rainforest.

Science Week

We have learnt all about ‘Forces’ and how they are present in our day-to-day lives. From air resistance to water resistance, friction to levers and pulleys we have explored, investigated and experimented with our Science hats on.

To end Science week we learnt about Sir Isaac Newton and his 3 laws of motion. Here is a newspaper report outlining his theory.


In Literacy we have been learning about explanation texts. We tried to find a way of remembering a whole piece of text in order to support our independent writing. We made it competitive by doing girls vs. boys. Here’s us practising.


Year 5 – History off the Page

On Tuesday 10th October, year 5 were transported back in time to ancient Egypt.

‘History off the Page’ brought ancient Egypt to Scott Wilkie and we got to explore an ancient Egyptian way of life. We spent the morning as slaves, working tirelessly to create: perfume, jewellery, bread, oil lamps and paintings on hessian in order to please the king and Queen and the Gods of ancient Egypt.


We worked hard on our costumes and dressed up as ancient Egyptians:

Also this week, we learnt about Canopic jars. We used clay to mould small jars and we created lids in order to keep organs inside safely (we found this very gruesome!)

Year 5 – Flip Learning / Talk for Writing

Black History Week

Year 5 took part in a ‘Black History Week’ workshop run by Bigfoot Arts Education.  They created freeze frames to represent a silent protest. The children protested about poverty and equality.







Earth and Space and Ancient Egypt

In Year 5 our topics are ‘Earth and Space’ and ‘Ancient Egypt’. Over the summer holidays the children worked hard to produce some amazing flip learning projects! Have a look at them below!

For our ‘Earth and Space’ topic we visited the Greenwich Royal Observatory! At the Planetarium we found out about our solar system, including how far away we are from the planets in our galaxy. Our favourite part of the day was the show at the Planetarium where we sat back and relaxed underneath the stars!


The children of Year 5 had a visit from Anthony Glenn and took part in the re-enactment of the tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet

Battle of Marathon

Ancient Greece

Over the Christmas holidays, children in Year 5 were set a task to research Ancient Greece. They then presented their research using models, posters, fact files and even trump cards.

Kew Gardens

On Tuesday 8th November, Year 5 visited Kew Gardens. We travelled by public transport across London and were extremely excited when we arrived. Beautiful Kew Gardens was filled with autumnal colours and had many different plants for us to learn about.

In the Palm House, we saw plants and fruits that grow in rainforests, such as banana plants, cocoa pods, bamboo and pineapples. We learnt about how these things can be used by the people that live in the rainforests for shelter, food and medicine.

Ancient Egypt

The children of year 5 have been studying the topic of Ancient Egypt. They learnt all about the process of mummification where organs were stored inside canopic jars. They made their own miniature canopic jars using clay. ​

Amazon Rainforest

Over the half term holidays, the children in Year 5 were set a challenge to research the Amazon Rainforest and create a 3D model, poster or report to show what they found out. Here are some examples of their work.

Ancient Egypt

The children in Year 5 recreated life in Ancient Egypt  at Scott Wilkie.   The children thoroughly enjoyed the day as they learnt about life in Ancient Egypt through a combination of role play, practical activities and hands on experience with facsimile artefacts​. The hall became a busy marketplace based in the city of Akhetaten where the children became traders, craftsmen who were busy  completing  their tasks while sharing all the latest gossip.