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In the short space of time since the launch of the consultation we have been asked a number of similar questions, so have produced this document for all parents/ carers and other stakeholders. Some abbreviations have been used as follows:

  • References to Governors and the Governing Body mean the Governing Body of Hallsville and Scott Wilkie Primary Schools, Newham.
  • AMT is the Agate Momentum Trust, the new Multi Academy Trust that is being borne out of the coming together of Hallsville Primary School, Keir Hardie Primary School and Scott Wilkie Primary School.
  • MAT – multi academy trust

Why did the Hallsville / Scott Wilkie  governors chose the Agate Momentum Trust?

The Agate Momentum Trust name should resonate with the local community.  It was named after the street that was lost when Hallsville school was bombed during WW11 ‘Agate Street’. It was important that the MAT identity was at the very heart of the community it will serve. 

Why do Hallsville/ Scott Wilkie want to form a MAT?

50% of all primary schools in Newham are now an academy or in the process of joining a MAT. Evidence shows that schools that work collaboratively with each other offer a better education and have higher pupil outcomes than schools that work alone. Hallsville and Scott Wilkie leaders are committed to always offering the pupils of Hallsville and Scott Wilkie an outstanding education. 

By leading the process of forming a MAT, Hallsville and Scott Wilkie can remain local schools for local children, run and managed by local people.

What are the benefits of joining a MAT?

MATs enable schools to collaborate, learn from and support each other. Collaborative working with other schools in a MAT offers many benefits for students and staff:  sharing best practice in teaching and learning, curriculum collaboration, extra –curricular opportunities, staff development, finance and human resources, legal services, school improvement structures, and governance arrangements. By working together we hope to make the budget go further and keep the funding focused on the teaching and learning.

We would also expect to benefit from economies of scale, combining our buying power to get best value for our children, as school budgets become ever tighter.

When will the governors respond to the questions being asked during the consultation period?

The Governing Body is committed to undertaking a meaningful consultation. What this means in practise is that all the responses received will be conscientiously taken into account when finalising decisions. Following the extended consultation, the school Governing Body will meet to consider the responses to the consultation.

When does Hallsville/ Scott Wilkie plan to convert to a MAT?

Hallsville and Scott Wilkie plan to convert to a MAT on 1st January 2018 after all stakeholders of both schools have been consulted and their thoughts and comments have been taken into consideration.What are the Vision and Values of the MAT?The AMT MAT has a strong Vision and set of Values for the MAT which may be summarised as follows: 

One MAT, one family, one community

Vision and Values 

  • Excellence based on a commitment to empowering all the children and young people in our care.
  • Excellence, whatever the challenges, in developing leaders of the future regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or background.
  • Excellence derived from the riches brought by diverse families and communities living in a vibrant, global city.
  • Excellence in achievement for all, resulting from children receiving an education matching world class outcomes.
  • Excellence in the design of a forward thinking, innovative, curriculum.
  • Excellence in a pedagogical approach to teaching firmly embedded in and informed by research.

The core values are:

  • All responsible for all, inclusion for all by all
  • High aspirations across the broad curriculum which take account of the ‘whole child’
  • Openness, honesty and transparency
  • To share expertise for the greater good of the MAT
  • Safe environment where risk taking and learning can thrive
  • A willingness to challenge and support to achieve excellent outcomes for all
  • Equity and equality for all
  • Success for all

Has Hallsville / Scott Wilkie applied for an Academy Order?

Hallsville and Scott Wilkie have been granted an Academy Order to become an Academy. However this does not mean that the school is irrevocably committed to becoming an Academy.

What will be the management arrangements of the MAT?

The management arrangements will remain the same. Keri Edge will become the Chief Executive Officer of the MAT, and will remain executive Head of Hallsville and Scott Wilkie Primary School.

Will staffing arrangements change?

The current staffing arrangements will not change. The school will not be declaring any ‘measures’ during the TUPE (Transfer Undertaking Protection of Employment) process when and if staff transfer to the MAT upon conversion. Keri Edge will continue to appoint, develop and retain the best staff for the pupils of Hallsville and Scott Wilkie.

Will the MAT appoint unqualified teachers?

Keri Edge will continue to appoint the best teachers for the post. Leadership remain committed to developing and training their own qualified teachers.

Will the curriculum change?

The current curriculum ethos will not change. The MAT is committed to ensuring every single child in its care receives the very best education and school experience.

Will the governors receive the right training?

Training will be arranged in the Autumn term for the Members of the MAT, the Directors of the MAT and for local governing body members. It is essential that everyone involved in the running of the new MAT properly understand their roles, responsibilities and obligations.

What are the risks of becoming a MAT?

The primary risk that has been identified is around management and leadership of the MAT – in terms of Members, Directors, Local Governing Bodies and the CEO. The MAT will develop a clear succession plan for the senior executive team, which will build upon the succession plans already in place at each of the schools. The MAT will seek to recruit the very best Members, Directors and local governors from the existing cohort and beyond.

Will the MAT affect staff training?

The MAT will continue to run a CPD programme that is at least equal to that which is currently provided.

Will employment conditions and pay change for staff?

Existing staff transfer to the MAT with their existing pay and conditions protected by legislation. The MAT intends to continue with national Pay and Conditions.

Will parents and carers have to pay for educational resources etc?

Nothing will change from the current arrangements. Parents / carers will not be required to pay, except for trips etc. that they currently pay for.

How will the MAT balance the books?

Academies are funded to the same extent as maintained schools, but have control over 100% of their budgets. As a local MAT, we will be best placed to allocate resources to ensure the children receive best value for money and the best possible education. The financial governance of the MAT will be held to account by independent auditors.

Can we access copies of governing body minutes?

Copies of the minutes are available through Paul Baglee at Governing Services.

What will be the size of the governing body?

It is intended that the MAT will have a Board of 9 Directors, and each local governing body will comprise 9 local governors. This was stated in our application to the Department of Education. Advice from the Department for Education suggests smaller governing bodies are better able to focus on the key tasks and best achieve educational improvement.
The local governing body will operate under a scheme of delegation from the MAT.

What will the representation of parents be on the local governing body?

We hope that a third of the local governing body will be made up of parents / carers. The school’s governing body will provide the day to day support and challenge for the leadership of the school. We hope to attract more parent governors to support the leadership of the school. We also hope that the PTA will continue to support the school’s vision and values.

Is the school site protected?

The freehold of both Hallsville and Scott Willkie’s school sites are currently owned by the London Borough of Newham. The MAT will take possession of the site under the terms of a 125 year lease from the local authority. The lease is a template document produced by the DfE and is intended to protect the public interest in the land. The academy cannot sell land for profit. Relevant clauses in the legal documents are clause 3 in the Lease and clause 4 of the Supplemental Funding Agreement.

Will the MAT grow?

It is likely the MAT will expand to five primary schools over the next two years. This growth will be planned and will only take place if the MAT is in a robust position to expand. By this we mean we will only expand if we are confident that standards in the schools already in MAT will not suffer from the expansion. It is considered that a MAT of 5 schools will create a financially robust organisation. Local schools that wish to join our MAT will only be able to do so if their values align with ours.

Will the uniform and website change?

Hallsville and Scott Wilkie will maintain their unique identities and will maintain their names and uniform.

Will the MAT have a strong governance?

The governing body of Hallsville and Scott Wilkie has worked with the proposed MAT working party to appoint a strong governance for the MAT. See below, which is an extract from the Hallsville and Scott Wilkie applications to become an academy.

Members of the trust

Please click on the link to view number of members of the trust and their experience/background information.

How strong is the school budget?

Hallsville and Scott Wilkie school budgets have been well managed and they are in surplus.
The MAT has confirmed that each school joining the MAT will keep their own surplus monies when joining, for use at the individual schools.

How will SEN be protected?

There are no plans to change the provision for SEN pupils at both schools.