Our School

School Vision

We want

  • to promote an inclusive and effective learning community where children are involved in active learning and always endeavour to set high expectations for themselves
  • to welcome and celebrate diversity and to provide an environment where pupils feel happy, valued and secure in their learning
  • to enhance children’s life chances through a stimulating, supportive parental partnership that nurtures each child to achieve his/her full potential.

Our aims are

  • to promote a wide range of creative experiences which enable children to make full use of their imaginations
  • to promote, facilitate and enable the inclusion of children with disabilities and special educational needs
  • to provide an environment that is safe, supportive and caring
  • to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which is differentiated to match teaching to pupils’ needs
  • to enable the acquisition of skills, knowledge and understanding which will be of use to all future learning
  • to develop lively and enquiring minds through encouraging children to question and discuss issues, in order to make informed decisions
  • to nurture self-esteem so children are motivated to learn and to develop an ability to co-operate and work with others
  • to recognise, respect and celebrate individual religious and cultural values and to celebrate the rich diversity within our multi-faith community
  • to promote positive attitudes, good behaviour and moral understanding, and to establish a sense of pride and achievement in being part of our school community
  • to work in full partnership with parents
  • to ensure equal opportunities are addressed throughout all aspects of the school day

Our values

Scott Wilkie pupils are caring, sharing and friendly.
I take care of myself, others, my school and the environment around me.

Scott Wilkie pupils always try their best and never give up.
I presevera when I am faced with challenges. I do my best to achieve excellence.

Scott Wilkie pupils respect each other and celebrate diversity.
I treat others the same way I want to be treated. I appreciate that each of us is different.

I everything we do.