Year 6


Museum of London Docklands

Year 6 had a visit from the Museum of London Docklands, where they learnt all about the history of the London Docklands from the time of the Romans to today in 2018.

Trip to the Docks for History (The Changing Docks)


Reading Gladiators

The Year 6 Reading Gladiators have thoroughly enjoyed reading the Secret Horses of Briar Hill by Megan Shepherd and partaking in all of the activities. They planned a project to show the ‘bittersweet’ themes in the book by sketching a picture of one of the main characters and represented the father as being a hero. 






Poet Visit – John Delaney






Meeting the Author Holly Webb

Year 6 had the opportunity to meet the author Holly Webb at Custom House Library.  She read excerpts from her new book The Princess and the Suffragette.



Year 6 London Zoo 

Year 6 Residential to Fairplay House

Figures in Motion

As part of our Art topic we were studied figures in motion. We looked at how the human moves, sketched our own figures in motion and created our own models using only wire, masking tape and newspaper.

Maths Workshop

The children in Year 6 took part in a maths workshop where they tried to solve problem solving puzzles using non-conventional methods.


Art Week

It was Art Week at Scott Wilkie and the children studied the artist Keith Haring. Each class was set the challenge to replicate his work using a different theme. Year 6 had the theme: aspirations , which they used to create their art work.



Year 6 planned and created board games, computer games and quizzes for other children in the year group to play. The aim was to test their knowledge on the human body.


Pop Art

The children in Year 6 studied Pop Art artists Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein and re-created pieces of art using the theme of superheroes.


Year 6 visited the local library today where they were issued with their own library cards and were able to take out some books to read as part of the Summer Reading Challenge.  Khadija even read an excerpt from the book ‘The Boy Who Ran Away From The Circus’ by A. F. Harrold.


Spaghetti and Marshmallow Challenge

Year 6 pupils were challenged to build a strong tower using only marshmallows, spaghetti, straws and four small pieces of Sellotape.  The strength of the towers were then tested using 10g weights.  The winning tower was able to hold 90g of weight.



The children in Year 6 have been studying the tragic Shakespeare play ‘Macbeth’.


The children in Year 6 took part in a Science workshop where they learned to use every day objects to create sherbet, hurricane whirls and sound waves.



Year 6 took part in a workshop on staying safe.


World Book Day

As part of World Book Day the children in Year 6 went to to read with children in Reception.

Nightmare Man Talk for Writing Display

The children in Year 6 have been the studying the suspense genre.

Aspirations Week

Over the last two weeks we have been looking at the British Value of Democracy. To mark aspirations week, we decided to think about what we would do as leaders of our nation and created our own political parties. We had to create 3 clear policies to encourage others to vote for us. ​​








Place of Worship: Visit to the Buddhist Temple

Year 6 visited a Buddhist Temple in Central London where they learnt what it means to be a Buddhist.​


Year 6 are currently studying the Shakespearean play of Macbeth. We took part in two workshops with Anthony Glenn, which helped us to immerse ourselves  in the plot  through his storytelling and drama.

Science – Electricity

As part of their Electricity topic in Science, the children in Year 6 experimented with making their own circuits. They were challenged to make circuits that would include a buzzer or a switch.






WWII Display

Talk for Writing – Twisted Fairytale

Anti-Bullying Week

As part of Anti-bullying Week, the children in Year 6 looked at different scenarios of bullying and created freeze frames for them. They also wrote advice to the victims in each scenario.

Year 6 have been designing and making their own Anti-bullying bunting.


Year 6: Anti-Bullying Workshop

The children in Year 6 took part in a Bigfoot Workshop looking at Respect and Disrespect. We looked at different types of disrespect and how to resolve situations we could find ourselves in.


Year 6: Tubman Talk for Writing Wall

Religious Leaders

The Year 6 children had a visit from a local Vicar as part of their R.E topic on Religious Leaders. The children generated questions to ask him so that they could learn about what a Religious Leader’s role is and what their responsibilities are.

RAF Museum

As part of Year 6’s history topic on Battle of Britain, Year 6 visited the RAF Museum in Hendon. We looked at different fighter and bomber planes that would have protected Britain from invaders in World War 2.

We also took part in a workshop to re-enact what would have happened during an air raid. Not only that but we also got an opportunity to dress up as different personnel that would have worked for the RAF.


Year 6 children studying World War Two artefacts.



The children in Year 6 were set a challenge to find out as much as they could about World War 2. Look at some of the amazing models and research they have done.

Black History Week

As part of Black History Week, the children in Year 6 took part in a workshop where they learnt all about Harriet Tubman.





The Hartlepool Monkey

On 25th September the Year 6 children visited  Stratford Circus Theatre to watch the tragic but legendary story of The Hartlepool Monkey. The show was not only humorous but was quite emotional as well. We were amazed by the special effects, especially the effects used to make the monkey come alive.

Science Morning

As part of their science topic, the children in Year 6 were investigating how shadows are formed.

Residential trip to Fairplay House

Year 6 had the amazing opportunity to go on the annual residential trip to Fairplay House. The purpose of the trip was for us to get to know one another as a year group, to encourage us to work together in groups and teams.

We were lucky enough to be able to do a range of activities, such as: orienteering, caving, high ropes, G-swing, woodland games and canoeing. We showed the Scott Wilkie values in every activity that we did.


British Tea Party

On Monday 3rd July, the children of Year 6 had the fantastic opportunity to participate in a traditional British tea party. They sampled different traditional British delicacies such as cheese and onion quiche, cucumber sandwiches, scones with jam and swiss rolls.

Go Run For Fun

On Thursday 29th June, 60 pupils from across Scott Wilkie set off to the Olympic Park to Go Run For Fun. We took part in a warm up with around 2 000 other children, led by some special guests such as Colin Jackson.

Teamwork and perseverance were the key words of the day having to complete our 2km course. And our teachers had to push themselves too!

We all made it around the course and back safely. A great success! Just time for lunch in the Olympic Park and then back to school to get back to our lessons.

Mayan Culture

The children of Year 6 took part in a workshop where they learnt all about the Mayan culture. They even had the opportunity to dress up in costumes to experience what is was like to live in the times of the Mayans.

On Monday 26th June, Year 6 enjoyed a well-deserved day out to Chessington World of Adventures.

We visited the Sea Life centre to check out the sharks, sting rays and giant lobsters!

Then we started on the rides. Everyone got a good soaking on the Monkey Swingers!

We faced our fears on rides such as Kobra, Vampire and Dragon Falls.

A great day all round for Year 6 before we set off to our next adventure… secondary school!


As part of their D&T topic, Year 6 have been designing and making their own pencil cases. They  first had to learn how to thread a needle, double knot it and also had to practice three different types of stitches: running stitch, blanket stitch and applique stitch before they  could make their pencil case.

Citizenship Week

As a follow up to Citizenship Week, where the children in Year 6 learnt how Democracy works, Year 6 had the fantastic opportunity to visit the Houses of Parliament. They were taken round on a tour of the House of Lords and the Palace of Westminster, following the trail the Queen would take when she opens Parliament in May. They also took part in a workshop, where they learnt about the process of making Laws.


Year 6 are currently studying Macbeth by William Shakespeare. To start off our topic we had a wonderful and exciting drama workshop with Anthony Glenn. As you can see we had lots of fun dramatizing the story. We will add some of our stories as soon as we have written them.

September 2016

On the 20th September ,as part of their Battle of Britain topic, year 6 visited the RAF Museum in Hendon. They had a fantastic day investigating the museum and taking part in a workshop about being an evacuee. We were so well behaved that the guide let us try on different RAF uniforms as you can see even Mr Thompson looked dashing.