Year 4


Flip Learning

African Drumming Workshops – Black History Week


Year 4 have been learning about sound in Science. This week we had a science sound workshop which allowed us to explore how sounds are made and how we can hear them. We found it amazing that sound travels in waves and vibrations are what help us to hear. We were really lucky to have the opportunity to make harmonicas too!


Year 4 children made some musical instruments over the summer holidays as their flip learning task for ‘Sound’. Well done year 4!



As part of Aspiration Week, Year 4 had an exciting opportunity to take on different occupations for the day. They got to explore what it is like to work in different fields. From the trip, they were able to find out about the different jobs available and it inspired them to work hard in order to reach potential career goals.

Hindu Temple

As part of the children’s RE work, Year 4 had the pleasure of visiting a Hindu temple. They were able to learn about different Gods in the Hindu religion through a question and answer session as well as see first hand, practices that take place by Hindu worshippers.

Cable Cars

Year 4 had an exciting opportunity to look down at London from above. They travelled on cable cars to identify different London landmarks as part of their geography topic.

Science Museum

On Wednesday 6th June 2018, Year 4 spent a day at the Science Museum. We were able find out lots of scientific facts through self discovery and exploration. We took part in an electricity workshop where we found out fun facts about conductors and insulators.

During Science W​eek, Year 4’s overcame their fears of creepy crawlies by getting up close with some of the most fascinating bugs in the world! They were given the opportunity to hold various animals and learn lots of interesting facts about them.​

Flip Learning

Daniel in year 4 with his amazing flip learning homework creation of Tower Bridge.

Year 4 – History off the Page

Year 4 have had the opportunity to travel back in time to the Anglo Saxon period. They found out what life was like during that time.

Royal Navy College Maths Week

Year 4 problem solving during Maths Week on a trip to the Royal Naval College.

Tudor Day

Year 4 had a Tudor Day on Friday 15th November run by ‘History Off the Page’.  They were looking at the lives of rich and poor tudors. Children took part in activities where they were making objects for the master, before having a banquet in the masters great hall to celebrate the execution of Anne Boleyn. The children loved it!