Year 3

Stone Age

Over half term we researched and made models linked to our new topic of the Stone Age.

3D Volcanoes

Children in year 3 share the 3D volcanoes that they made at home with their families as a half term flip learning task during key stage 2 assembly.

Rocks and Soils

Year 3 have been studying Rocks and Soils in science and were lucky enough to have a geologist, Sophy Crosby, come to visit for a morning. We learnt that ‘geologist’ means ‘earth scientist’ and we took turns using specialist equipment such as compasses and helmets. The most exciting part of the morning was handling all the different rocks and minerals which Sophy bought with her. In teams, we took turns to identify different types of rocks from their descriptions, group them according to how they are formed and observe them closely with magnifying glasses. As a result of Sophy’s visit, some of us have aspirations to become geologists ourselves when we’re older!

Tower of London

As part of our History topic ‘Why did Henry VIII have six wives?’, Year 3 had an enjoyable day out at the Tower of London. As well as exploring the different towers which made up the site, we stood on the spot where Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard were famously executed and learnt more about the King himself by handling some pieces of his armour.

Roman Day

Year 3 experienced life as it would have been living in Roman Britain when they were transported back to the Year 60 AD with a visit from History Off the Page. Our enthusiastic children adopted Roman names for the day (Felix was popular with the boys and Diadora with the girls!) and donned Roman costumes. In a makeshift marketplace, they spent a fun-fuelled morning using authentic tools to learn skills such as making ink, wax writing tablets, mosaics, fragrances and clay charm bracelets. The children were also involved in the story of Boudicca’s revolt before becoming actors, gladiators, soldiers, dancers and slaves for a celebratory feast in the afternoon.

Egyptian day

Children in year 3 recreated life in ancient Egypt at Scott Wilkie. Children learned a lot about ancient Egypt through role-play, practical activities and hands on experience with facsimile artefacts. The hall became a marketplace of Thebes, and children became traders, craftsmen etc. who were busy with their tasks while sharing all the latest gossip.