Year 2


Tour of London

Year 2 went on a tour of London to explore the variety of wonderful buildings it has to offer.



World War 2 Flip Learning


Year 2 – Maths

Year 2 have also been working extremely hard in their Maths as they’ve been developing their pictorial methods to help them solve Addition and Subtraction sums.

Florence Nightingale

Year 2 had an exciting and immersive day learning all about Florence Nightingale. History off the page came along to Scott Wilkie and taught the children everything they needed to know about the ‘Lady of the Lamp’ through making, playing, questioning and acting. Be sure to ask them all about her… they’re bursting with information.


Year 2 trip on the Thames Clipper

Here are some pictures from the Year 2 trip on the Thames Clipper. The children took a tour of London on the clipper so that they would be able to see different famous sights around London.

This was in order to support their Writing in Literacy about a day out in London. They took the Clipper from Westminster Pier and got off at North Greenwich. The children had a great time and were in awe of some of the buildings they saw in London.