Year 1

February 2018

Trip to London City Airport 

In February, our Year 1 classes went on a trip to London City Airport. Whilst at the airport we met armed police officers, airplane pilots and passenger service agents. All of these people were extremely nice and they told us all about their jobs. We also learnt how passengers’ bags are taking to the plane and we watched planes taking off.


‘History off the page’ workshop

During the spring term, our Year 1 classes took part in a ‘History off the page’ workshop. Through this we explored lots of different toys from different times and places. We also learnt about what materials toys can be made from and how people have found things from the past. At the end of the day we made toys of our own.

Year 1 – 2D Shapes

Year 1 have been learning their 2D shapes this week. They have been naming, sorting and exploring their properties. Well Done Year 1! 

June 2017

During cultural week, Year 1 celebrated Romanian culture with Romanian Egg Painting. Children first planned their design on paper, then drew on the eggs. Finally, they decorated the eggs colourfully in the style of Romanian Egg Painting.

May 2017

Our place of worship visit. Children visited the local Gurdwara to support their learning about Sikhism in RE. We listened to one of the Gurdwara leaders talk about the 5 K’s and how Sikhs show they belong to Sikhism. Then children had lunch in the langar.

Aspirations week when Dr Mawer came to visit. She talked about how doctors help people and demonstrated how Doctors use the stethoscope, the space blanket, the reflex hammer and the bandage.

March 2015

Year 1 visited the library on 9th March and one of the pupils read to the class while they were there.