The Train Ride – Jan 2017

From Week 1 to Week 3, Nursery has been using the book ‘The Train Ride’ as a stimulus for our work. We were lucky enough to round off the topic by going on our own train ride on the DLR to Canning Town and back to Prince Regent, facing escalators and many stairs on the way. As you can see, it was a great success, and the children had lots of things to say about it.
Akram told me, ‘I liked sitting on the train’ whilst Franky-Lee told me, ‘I liked all the bits!’

In the classroom children have been exploring prepositional language by hiding a runaway train somewhere in the classroom and describing its position. Alisa told hid the train, and then told me, ‘The train is in the box!’ Ya’Qub did the same and was keen to tell me, ‘The train is on top of the chair!’

They have also extending their Physical Development and Personal Social and Emotional Development by building bridges for both people and trains to cross in our Outside Area.


Science Week 2015

During Science week, the Bug man visited nursery. The children held and stroked a stick insect, chameleon, leaf insect, iguana, tarantula and a snake.