Sports and PE

Spring 2017

Quadkids Athletics

Scott Wilkie competed in the year 5&6 Quadkids Athletics sports event and managed to retain the title for 3 years in a row. Scott Wilkie A team finished in 1st place and the B team finished in 4th competing against 16 teams. Four of our children were awarded individual medals for their outstanding performances.

Individual girls: Comfort 1st place, Indiana 2nd place, Temi 3rd place – competing against 64 girls.
Individual boys: Kurt 2nd place – competing against 64 boys.

Sports Competitions


Yrs 4/5/6 Cross Country – Group: y6 boys 1st place, y6 girls 1st place, y5 boys 1st place, y5 girls 3rd place, y4 boys 2nd place, y4 girls 1st place – Won 4/6 team trophies – competing against 15 schools.

Individual: Temi (yr6) 1st place; Indiana (yr6) 3rd place; Comfort (yr5) 3rd place; Kayla (yr4) 3rd place.

KS1 Mini Olympics – 1st place (competing against 12 schools)


Yr 5/6 Sportshall Athletics – 1st place (SW have retained the title for the 3rd year running!)
Newham Finals at Copperbox arena on 26/01/2017.


KS1 Mini Olympics – 2nd place

Yr1-6 SEN Primary Panathlon – 2nd place

Summer Mini Games – Handball 3rd place (competing against 27 schools)

Summer Mini Games – Resistance Sliding 2nd place (competing against 9 schools)

Summer Mini Games Overall Result – 4th place (competing against 34 schools)

Yr 5/6 Quadkids – Team A: 1st place, Team B: 2nd place (competing against 13 teams) – now enter finals on 9th June competing against Langdon Partnership finalists.

Yr 5/6 Quadkids Finals – Team A: 3rd place, Team B: 6th place (overall in Newham)

Yr 5/6 Athletics (Primary School Games) – 1st place (competing against 20 teams)


Yrs 4/5/6 Cross Country – Group: y6 boys 1st place. Individual: Matthew (yr4) 3rd place

Yr 5/6 Dance Mat – 3rd place

Yr 3/4 Dance Mat – 2nd place

Yr 5/6 Handball – 1st place (competing against 16 teams)

KS1 Mini Olympics – 3rd place (year 1 represented the school, competing against all year 2’s)

Yr 5/6 Basketball – 1st place (competing against 14 teams)


Yr 5/6 Sportshall Athletics – 1st place (competing against 13 schools)

Yr 5/6 Sportshall Athletics Finals – 2nd place (2nd in Newham Borough)

Yr 1-6 SEN Primary Panathlon – 1st place (competing against 9 schools)

Yr 5/6 Dodgeball – 1st place (year 5 team against year 6’s)

Yr 5/6 Boccia (spring mini games) – 1st place (Boccia team will now represent Newham in the London Youth Games Qualifiers on the 12th March)

Yr 5/6 Handball – 1st place

Yr 3/4 Sportshall Athletics – 1st place (competing against 12 schools)

Yr 5/6 Bisi Badminton – 2nd place (year 5 team against year 6’s)

Summer – Yr 5/6 Quadkids Competition (1st Place)
Click on the link for the full results.

Autumn – Yr 5/6 Handball (1st place)

Autumn – Yr5/6 Basketball (1st place)

Spring – Yr 5/6 Sportshall Athletics (1st place)

Spring – Yr 5/6 Sportshall Athletics FINALS (2nd place)

Spring – SEN Boccia (1st place)

Spring – Yr 3/4 Sportshall Athletics (1st place)

School Games Kitemark – Scott Wilkie Achieves Gold!

We are very pleased to announce that Scott Wilkie has been identified for its “outstanding commitment, engagement and delivery of competitive school sport”. We have been awarded a Gold School Games Kitemark, in recognition of the sporting excellence and ongoing commitment that students and staff show towards competitive sport within our school and local community.

The School Games Kitemark, sponsored by Sainsburys, is a government led award scheme launched in 2012 to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community. Schools in England are able to asses themselves across bronze (satisfactory), silver (good) and gold (outstanding) levels of the kitemark and receive a nationally recognised award.

Few primary schools within the London Borough of Newham have achieved this gold award, due to the extremely stringent requirements and expectations. The areas we excelled in are listed below:

  • We have entered the most sports competitions, in comparison to all schools within the Cumberland School Sports Partnership, peaking at 30 out-of-school competitions in over 14 varying sports throughout the 2013/2014 academic year.
  • Over 60% of KS2 were recorded as participating in extracurricular sporting activity each week, exceeding the 50% criteria.
  • We boast an extensive afterschool sports club programme, offering 12 sports clubs each week to children from Reception – Year 6.
  • Over 33% of KS2 pupils have been engaged in leading, managing and officiating sporting activities in school, exceeding the 20% requirement.
  • We provide all pupils with 2 hours of PE and sport within curriculum time each week.
  • We provide opportunities for less active young people to participate in physical activity.
  • We boast fantastic sport provisions and equipment to ensure learning is at its’ best and the children’s sporting excellence continues.

This award is an honour to receive and is an outstanding achievement for the school. Although our school provides such amazing sporting opportunities for the children, the award could only be achieved by the enthusiasm, dedication and talent of the children across all areas of school sport and PE. Thank you to those who support their children in attending sports clubs and competitions. Please continue to support us as we continue to strive for sporting excellence.