Events and Activities

School Events 2016-17

Storytelling workshop

As part of the Cultural week, Reception and KS1 students were treated to a performance of traditional tales from different cultures. Our pupils helped Valentine (an actor from the Fresh Water Company) to perform a number of different stories and they had a great time.

Cultural dress-up day

Our students dressed up in traditional outfits to celebrate the diversity and unity within our school. This was the culmination of Cultural Week where we learnt and celebrated different cultures from home and abroad. Students brought foods which represent their cultural heritage and shared it their peers. We also learnt about the main five British values which are: democracy, rule of law, mutual respect, individual liberty and tolerance and respect.

French afternoon

Pupils from years 5 and 6 took part in a range of activities to mark the end of Cultural Week and to celebrate all they have learned in French this year.  The students played Boule, tried refreshments in French style café, drew the Eifel Tower and took part in a French theatre workshop in which they acted out a traditional tale in French.

40th Anniversary Celebration
The past met the present in this fantastic celebration which brought the community together. Miss Ridley and Miss Blackwood choreographed and lead the performing arts to their best performance yet.  The event was celebrated by governors, parents, alumni, and current and former staff members from the Scott Wilkie family, including Scott Wilkie’s first Headteacher, Mrs. Pierce.

Newham Debating League

Our debaters entered the Newham Debate League. They took part in three rounds throughout the year. There were two debates per round and our team won all six debates. The children became winners of the League which was a first Scott Wilkie and a great achievement for our school.

London Music Fund Scholarship

Tyrone (5A) has been awarded the London Music Fund Scholarship for his outstanding skills in playing the cello. He will receive a full scholarship over the next four years.

Tyrone is one of the only children in Newham to have received such an honour. This award not only reflects his ability but his incredible work ethic and dedication to music.

Well done, Tyrone.

Scott Wilkie’s first Carnival

The whole school took part in a carnival full of colour, entertainment and self-expression. The different year groups had a great time displaying their banners and carnival outfits whilst the dancers swayed to the sound of the steel pans which was being played by the school band.

Year 6 leavers’ production

Here are the photos of our leavers’ wonderfully memorable production of The Next Big Step. Congratulations the Miss Ridley and the Year 6 team for producing another wonderful show.


Leavers Assembly

100 % attendance stars

Morpurgo  House Captains Teegan and Taofeek

Ms Maayuf

We are also sad to have to say goodbye to some of our teachers as they move on to pastures new.   Thank you for all your hard work and good luck!

Ms Akitoye

Mr Manning


Mr Thompson and Mr Manning

The NED show

On Friday 30th June, Scott Wilkie got an inspirational visit from NED and Ian.

We learnt to Never give up, Encourage others and Do our best.

Visit from the Bird Man

The children from Year 5 and 6 had a special visit from the Bird Man. They had the opportunity to meet different types of birds and some lucky children had the chance to hold the birds

Place of Worship Competition

Scott Wilkie did amazingly well in this year’s Place of Worship Competition where many schools across Newham take part. We won a total of 7 prizes, the children produced some fabulous work
and we are so proud of their success. Those who have received a prize include:

Sumayyah from Nursery – Stained Glass Window
Year 1 – film on Sikhism
Year 2 – Art prints inspired by a visit to St Paul’s Cathedral
Lugne from Year 2 – Angel Print
Migle from Year 4 – Hindu God Model
Year 6 – Paintings on Life After Death
Haymish from Year 6- Painting on Life after Death

Summayah in Nursery won an award in the Place of Worship Competition for her wonderful Stained Glass Window.

Year 1 Display – Sikhism. Year 1 won an award in the Place of Worship Competition for their assembly on Sikhism.

Haymish in Year 6 won an award for his painting and reflection on Life After Death.

Migle in Year 4 won an award in the Place of Worship Competition for her lovely model of a Hindu God and her thoughtful reflection.

Year 6 Display – Is Death the End? Year 6 Won an award in the Place of Worship Competition for their lovely paintings and reflections.

Spelling Bee

Ameerah, Zahra, Sabrina and Ayman took part in the semi-finals of the Newham  2017 Spelling Bee. They had to learn and memorise the spellings of 100 words and  their definitions. Ayman even had to solve three conundrums (words with mixed up letters).



World Book Day 2017

Scott Wilkie children and staff dressed up to celebrate World Book Day on Thursday 2nd March 2017 and what a wonderful variety of costumes they wore!

Scott Wilkie Top Table

The Head and Deputy Head boy and girl set up the first Scott Wilkie top table, during which, the children chosen had the opportunity to dine with the Head Boy (Matthew 6T) and Head Girl (Chloe 6W).

Marina (3B)
Kasie (3H)
Alicia (4H)
Kayla (4S)
Freddy (5M)
Tilly (5A)
Ernestas (6T)
Leo (6W)


On Thursday 10th November, children attended a special performance of the Story of Diwali. They enjoyed watching the teachers dress up as characters such as Rama and Sita and act out what happened. Several children also took part and really enjoyed their roles.  It was a wonderful and interactive way for this story to be told and helped children to learn more about this special festival.

Year 3 Rock Circus Day –Tuesday 13th September

On Tuesday 13th September, Year 3 took part in a ‘Rock Circus Science’ workshop.  The children had lots of fun!  They looked at different types of rocks, they took part in a variety of rock experiments and made amazing fossils!

Place of Worship Competition

Year 6 and Reception both won prizes at the annual Place of Worship Competition this year. Year 6 visited a Buddhist temple to find out the history of the Buddhist religion and facts they could use in their lessons.

They crafted a wonderful display of Buddha from different drawings they created and created an amazing depiction of Buddha.

Reception visited the local church and came up with a fantastic song, with the help of Ms Jamie to sing in their choir complete with instruments! They sounded fabulous and well deserve their prize. Congratulations to the winners and all that entered.


School Events 2015-16

Maths Week 2015

Years 5 and 6 solving problems with the Problem Solving Company during Maths Week 2015.